jandy or pentair

lbphathead19August 31, 2012

What are everyones thoughts on the 2 brands of equipement. I have heard pros and cons for each. Looking for something that will last.

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I think Pentair is the better brand. Jandy is not bad either but not quite up to the technology of Pentair. Their Variable speed pump is the best on the market. I've been using this product for 17 years. I've never been disappointed. O.K. Maybe once. LOl! with their salt cells. But the problem was resolved and I've always had great warranty service from them.

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I vote Pentair,
Just have their act together a little better.
Jandy is going through a identity crisis.
Purchased by Zodiac, now they dont know who they are.
They have already let their Caretaker infoor system go in the toilet.

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My opinions are independent and are not influenced by any personal relationships but rather based on the actual work I do as a darn good tech with a lot of years experience.

Both brands beat everyone else's for the vast majority of common products the residential market offers. In terms of which of the two are more reliable, its pretty much a dead heat. The engineering behind each brand beats the pants off other brands.

Pentair's current heater, IMHO, is more bullet proof and the LED color fixtures for in the pool offer much better light dispersion.


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