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lbphathead19August 30, 2012

Anyone in the OC have any recommendations for pool builders. So far we have had, Terra Nova, Infinity, California, and Swan pools out for bids. Any other recommendations would be appreciatted.


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We just started getting estimates as well. Today we had Kevin from Mission Pools. Tomorrow California Pools is coming out and Sunday, Swan Pools.


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how was mission I am calling them tomorrow.

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We haven't received the quote yet. He just came out to take pics and get our ideas. Nice guy and was on time.

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It seems like they are all nice. I just get uneasy and don't want to get taken advantage of. I know little to nothing of the products they are using and this is a huge financial decision we are both undertaking.

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Once you narrow down your choices, definitely call references, and go see pools those PBs built.

The internet and this forum are great ways to educate yourself. If you put your pool specs on this site, people will comment and give you suggestions. 'Poolguynj' is a great resource on here.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the help. I will definately keep you guys and gals posted.

We are trying to decide what to boarder the pool with, I believe it is called coping, is flagstone what people are using these days or is there another matial that works beter around pools.

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There are a few choices that you can you. A quartz flagstone is one. There is also brick which is not the most popular style nowadays. There is poured in place concrete coping which comes in many styles and colors along with pre-cast which is very similar to poured in place but is made by a third party and made in 2' long segments. Then there is travertine and natural stone that is cut into a bull nose. It all depends on what style you are going for and also the theme of your yard. The first thing I would do is to figure out what you are using the pool for. Then what kind of tastes do you have. Are you more formal, traditional, rustic, contemporary. What kind of art do you enjoy.What do you like to do when your not working. What colors do you like.You have to know what all the materials will do for the look and what you can expect of them. Pools and yards are becoming more art than they are recreational bodies of water. You have to remember in Southern California your yard is an extension of your house. 90% of the time you will be looking at your pool not in it. Your kids will be in it all the time but they leave eventually. You hope! LOL.
The days of kidney bean shape pools are long gone. This is a big decision financially and esthetically. You want to make sure that you are happy with it not what your "pool designer" thinks is a good idea.

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we used Swan pools... our build took 13 months.. need I say more?

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why 13 months? What issues does Swan have?

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Swan Pools West. they were a nightmare.. I eventually tried to remove him from the job for pool not being built to plan. He then filed legal action against me and also leined my property. The case was settled out of court 6 months later with Swan agreeing to pay me to walk away and finish with another builder.. Imagine that?? he builds a pool incorrectly, which was confirmed by the Ca. State Contractors Board's inspectors report and then refuses to fix it , then he files legal action claiming I must allow him to continue on the project because we have a signed contract?? This builder has no integrity and runs his business very unscrupulously..

trust me..


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I don't think Swan Pools West is the same as Swan Pools, located in Orange County, Ca.

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there are several franchises using the name " Swan Pools" in Northern and Southern California.. all claiming to have been building pools for over 54 years...

here is a prior link on this website discussing Swan...

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Used Blue Fountain Pools for two of my pool builds. Also had a few friends use the same major problems with builds. The only problem is supervision is pretty limited. They sub everything out...but everything was very effecient. They are from the Inland Empire area...I think Fontana??

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