Binding for a baby quilt

loisflanApril 25, 2012

My Stack 'n' Whack baby quilt is at the LAQ now, and I would like to ask your opinions about binding it. I really like the way the binding looks when you stitch it to the front, turn it to the back and hand-stitch it, but I worry that a quilt that might get a lot of use will come apart. I have stitched the binding to the back, turned it and machine-stitched it to the front, but I don't like the way the binding is flattened when I do it that way.

Are there any other options? The backing is Minky.

Have any of you had problems with the hand-stitching coming apart?

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Why does your binding get flattened when you machine stitch it on the front? If the binding is full, as it should be - it should have the same fullness either way.

I machine stitch almost all my bindings and they are all full. I prefer double fold bias bindings. I think a machine stitched binding for a well used and often washed quilt is the way to go.

Others with more experience, and who like to hand stitch the bindings to the back will be able to answer your question.

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well stitched bindings (to the back) should hold up just fine with laundering. I do small bindings, and flip to the back and stitch with a blind stitch about every 3/8" (I try for 1/4", but don't usually achieve it).

In the past I've used double threads, but friends have convinced me that single threads are just as strong if not stronger, so I do that now and they are near invisible. It also doesn't take as long since you're not de-tangling as you go.

It's not something I 'like' to do, but I do it most of the time if I'm not in a time crunch. I've been known to flip to the front and use a decorative machine stitch to 'dress it up' a little (doesn't always save time though because some of those decorative stitches take a long time to stitch)

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I almost always hand stitch on the back. I try to remember to knot the thread every few inches, so if it does happen to come undone it can't go far. Unlike Jennifer I like doing it a lot (one of my favorite parts) - I should probably rent myself out since so many quilters don't like doing it! :)


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I machine sew to the front and hand stitch to the back, too. Like Donna, I enjoy doing it. For me it's like saying goodbye to a quilt project. I like handling it and spending that relaxed time finishing it. I haven't had an experience with it coming loose; I do knot the thread about every 6 inches and maybe that helps.


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I always handstitch to the back and have never had anyone tell me the binding is coming off. I just don't like the look of a totally machine stitched binding...just me!


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I like small bindings and I prefer to hand stitch to the back also. Hand work is relaxing for me and I have never had had a problem with the stitches coming apart.

BUT if I am making a childs quilt that will be loved and washed often to save time I glue it in place and machine stitch it down.

I haven't used Minky, but I have seen it, and I don't know if I would want to hand sew the binding down since it is plush and stretchy.

Maybe someone else will post that has sewn with Minky.

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