Aunties 2nd Embroidery Quilt

kienduApril 8, 2013

I posted the first one a few months ago... in pinks. This is number two... had two to go. But, now yesterday Aunt Lorraine told me she found two totes full of completed blocks she'd forgotten she had. She is 82.. and has been stitching these blocks for almost 40 years now. Some of the blocks in this quilt are almost 40 years old. Stored in totes, in zip lock bags. Just waiting for someone to make them into quilts for her. I had to grow up and start quilting I guess. She has 4 daughters, but this is more of a project than they can handle.

It is a labor of love, and respect for my Aunt. Cannot imagine the hours and hours she spent hand stitching each block. We're thinking she had about 200 completed, haven't counted exactly with the new find of blocks.

So, now she's thinking of her 4 grandchildren... and thinking she wants 4 more made! Oh boy...

The blocks are 16"x16", and this is a queen size.

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With the method I'm using to make these, the back fabrics are the little borders around the blocks and sashings... this is the back...

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Beautiful! What a wonderful thing you are doing for her. I'm so glad she is still around to know that her beautiful hand work will be enjoyed by her family.

I love the method you are doing...the back is very nice, too!


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This almost brings tears to my truely is a labor of love...both ways. 82 years young and still finding blocks!
You are doing a splendid job that will be treasured, it's lovely!

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Beautiful work.

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Oh my! Not only did your aunt put in many hours, but you are, too! Hope there are blocks left for you to have a quilt, too. These are beauties.


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Absolutely stunning!!! The sashing and backing are perfect for showing off the embroidery. It is wonderful that she is going to see the beautiful quilts finished.

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When I posted pics of the last one, a few asked how I was quilting it together in "sections"... I said I'd take a few pics. Not a very good tutorial, my first attempt... but see if this helps..

(I also don't know how to post more than 1 pic at a time, so bear w/me... I'll keep the pics to a minimum.

First , cut the blocks and cotton batting. Cut the batting about 1.5" smaller than the block. Layer the backing, smaller backing, and top and quilt together... this is a sashing block...

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and this is one of the embroidery blocks. Just cut the batting 1.5 " smaller than your block and center in the middle and quilt it.

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Sew the center block to a sashing, after they are quilted together with the backing attached...keeping the seam allowance on the top with 3/4 inch seam allowance...

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Press the seam open... I like to use some starch to keep it crisp... easier for the next step...

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Fold the pressed edge under and stitch it down with a zig-zag, or straight stitch... whichever you prefer. The zig-zag leaves some room for error and doesn't show mistakes as clearly! Tuck the edges under as you sew, or you can press them under first, but I find it easier to just turn it as I stitch...

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Continuing on... adding blocks to a row by putting sashing in between each block... one side has been turned under and stitched, the other just pressed. I fold and pin, or clip the row of blocks to my right so it fits in under the arm of my machine neatly so I'm not pulling and struggling with it...

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I did have a pic of a row with the embroidery on top, but can't get it to load for some reason... but here is the back... you get the idea of how the blocks are connected into a row...

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I could go on and on... but, basically this is how the whole thing is constructed. Sew all the blocks with the vertical sashings into rows, then sew my horizontal sashings and corner blocks into a row (quilted with the backing/batting) and connect my rows of embroidery blocks and sashing rows until the quilt is all completed.

I use the same method of seam on top, press open, and stitch under for the connecting of every seam... and the borders.

It allows me to fussy quilt around my Aunties embroidery, and have it all "quilted" when I'm done. No trip to the long arm quilter.. or struggling with quilting and basting and pinning on a presewn quilt top...

I don't know if that explains it, or if you could follow my method of madness... ??

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What remarkable heirlooms and beautiful quilts you and your aunt are creating. I am so impressed with your lovely work and thank you for the tutorial, I am copying it for my fills.
I can appreciate your gift of love you are giving your aunt. I know she appreciates it even more.

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It is a beautiful quilt! TFS!

Best to you,

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Such beautiful work by both you and your Aunt! Wonderful that there will be family heirlooms passed down.

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Spectacular! What a beautiful quilt and how wonderful that you put it all together. I'll have to try a mini of that method. Previously heard others say they found it difficult, but looks like a useful skill.
Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you for the tutorial. I could follow what you were saying/doing (thanks for the pictures!) and like LindaB, would like to try a smaller quilt this way. I did Georgia Bonesteel's method many years ago and will never do another that way. However, I do like being able to quilt the block and then put it together as you go. Nice job!


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Such beautiful work.......a true labor of love!

Thank you for the tutorial. I am going to copy and print it. I have tried QAYG but it has never worked out well for me. I will try this method for my next small project.


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Awesome!! From someone that does a lot of hand work, this is definitely a treasure :-) And you are doing such a nice job of showcasing all her hard work. Love it!!


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Looks like a lot of work but that is just beautiful. My sister has a quilt from our grandmother that has embroidered blocks but it needs to be taken apart and redone to show off the beautiful embroidery. I should send her the link to this posting.

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I make alot of rag quilts... and do some fancier "quilting" on the blocks before sewing them together, not just the usual X... makes it more interesting to work on...

Anyway, this "method" of construction comes from that. Same concept, but instead of snipping my seams on the top, I press them open and turn them under and stitch them down. That's how I come up with doing it this way.

I had tried some QAYG methods too.. bought books and struggled thru each step. I came up with this idea when turning under the border on the outside of a rag quilt. Looked so nice and neat... so decided to try it on the other seams. Worked!!

I think you could do this with any quilt pattern... just break the quilt down into sections, sew the top section for that area, quilt it to the back w/batting inside... make the other sections, and then sew the sections together like this. I'd make each section about a baby quilt size so I could machine quilt it easier... but would all depend on the pattern. Make your sections break where a little border from the back would enhance your quilt.

I don't have a long arm, so anything that saves me some $$ on a quilt, is worth the time. And this is actually easy to do.... win-win!

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