Pay Expert for Pool Contract Review and determine options?

JenniferNEAugust 9, 2012

I love this website/forums, but it is a lot to digest. It's exciting to build your dream pool, but overwhelming when trying to determine the best construction and options, even after reading this site for hours. I want to make the best decisions up front. Does anyone know of someone that is a pool expert that would be willing to review a pool contract and discuss options for a fee? Even a reputable PB that is out of state and has no vested interest. It would be nice to have an unbiased opinion as the PBs here obviously want to "sell me" or "do what they are most comfortable with". Thanks for any help.

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I can give you an unbiased opinion as I am currently living outside of the U.S. Email me.
I have built pools for clients in Northern California.


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I had the same need because my pool project was very complicated and I received different "expert" opinions from each pool contractor. You are absolutely right that many PBs often recommend what they are used to doing. That is best for them but probably not what is best for you. I was fortunate to find a true expert but it took me a lot of time searching on line to find one who i thought really was the expert for me.. If you search on epoolscapes, you will see what i mean. Mike is located over 400 miles away from me but was able to do everything I needed with pictures, measurements and papers that I emailed to him. At first I thought his fees were high but it turned out to be worth far more than i paid and I wound up with a much better end result. The pool contractor I used was kept on his toes because I was enabled to be an expert consumer. If I ever move to a different house and am going to do another pool, i would use him for even more than I did this time.

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Thank you! I see he is out of California. I will give him a call

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