Help me troubleshoot my Rainbow 320 Chlorinator!

lookingforapoolAugust 1, 2011

I have a Rainbow 320 Chlorinator. This is a top feed - the water flows out from the top over all of the chlorine tablets.

Last week I noticed that I had more chlorine left than expected. I thought that was funny since we're in the middle of summer, but just shrugged it off and made a mental note. (All other levels were appropriate; nothing out of the ordinary.) Today, I replaced chlorine again and noticed the same thing. After replacing the tablets, I normally wait and let the water fill up all the way and then screw the cap on top to prevent air from getting into my lines. However, when I waited today I had to turn the dial all the way up to maximum (#5) and it still never filled up.

I checked skimmer baskets/drains and there is no physical blockage. Also checked CYA levels and they look normal. I do note that I have a high level pressure in my filter. (30 psi) A couple of weeks ago we had a lot of small insects that got into the pool (ants) so I think that's what is causing the high pressure.

Could a high filter level pressure be causing my chlorinator to not fill/dissolve tablets? Any other ideas? Any help troubleshooting help would be greatly appreciated!

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1) Don't let it fill with water before closing the lid. Air pressure builds inside as water enters the chamber. The water is forced out the bottom. When the pump turns off, the water drains due to the pressure, significantly reducing erosion when the system is off.

2) A high filter pressure indicated the filter is dirty. This reduces the return flow. Slower return flow equals less return pressure and velocity.

Clean your filter.


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I had the same problem. Turned out that my ozonator needed to be turned down. Once I did this, it corrected the problem. It was putting too much air into the system.

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