Equipment pad layout software ???

neednewpoolAugust 1, 2010

Does anyone know of any software that will assist in laying out a scale drawing of an equipment pad. Ideally, it would have the size and shape of commonly used pumps, filters, heaters, etc. along with the clearance needed for accessibility, serviceability, etc. It would also have the valve actuators, manual valves, and be able to label the specific suction sources and return destinations. If you do not know of any software, tips or suggestions would be welcomed. i could have as many as 6 or 7 pumps with all of the water features. So my current pad will be too small. Want it to be big enough without taking up more space than it needs. Thank you.

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I don't know of any software but I can give you my rule of thumb for equipment sets. I've plumbed pools since the late 70's and have used this rule since day one.
A pad for a single pump with heater, filter, and booster pump for the pool sweep is 3'x 8'
For every additional pump add 15" of width.
You could probably draw something up on a program like Adobe.

I hope this will assist you.

See ya,

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Thank you. I am presuming that the 3'x8' is for an open pad without any enclosing walls. My old pad is 8' wide by 5' deep with walls on the front and left side and an up slope on the backside, and it is very cramped with 3 pumps.

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I should have followed the pool experts rule of thumb. I have 4x7, with 3 pumps, a mastertemp 400 and quad DE 80. It is stupid small. Sometimes when I need to work on something I feel like I'm playing Twister. 4x9 would be the minimum for me next time.

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My pad design wound up being 8'2" by 12' with 6 pumps, filter, heater, ozone, blower, solar, 2 FROG XL Pro, and 5 valve actuators. If the pad was any smaller, i would be playing Twister and the plumbing would have a lot of extra turns and head loss. Paid someone to do the layout and it was worth it.

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