Door/window treatment dilemma

Sueb20May 14, 2012

In the master bedroom at our beach cottage (recently renovated), we have a door to a small deck. I can't seem to figure out what to do with the window on the door. It is directly opposite the bathroom so I feel a bit "on display" if I happen to brush my teeth with the door open, or just come out not-quite-dressed. The house is in a regular neighborhood with a house right across the street in full view of this door. So I need Something, really only for nighttime privacy.

The other windows in the room have woven wood blinds. I wasn't sold on the idea of putting them on this door, so it has remained naked for two years. I don't want to use window film because I do want to be able to see through the window during the day. WWYD? I'm sure there's an obvious choice that I'm not thinking of.

Not a great pic, but you can see the door here.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Perhaps these will solve your dilemma...have never seen them or used them, but the idea sounds good.

Here is a link that might be useful: ODL blinds

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Why werent' you sold on the wooden blinds? That seems like a good option?

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Pal, I dunno, at the time I guess I was thinking the blinds would be banging around on the door when we opened it or something... and at the time, now that I am remembering, I think we thought we didn't need anything on that door. I was wrong!

Anyway, I actually placed a call to the same dealer we bought those blinds from, and I am getting the same woven woods for the door. We had one more room that needed blinds, so is a good excuse to get them all done at once.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Yes they can bang around when you open the door unless you leave them down with a bracket attached.

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Annie, I have been seeing the inset windows with blinds on a lot of sites and really like the idea. Specifically for sliding glass doors. The site you listed is a bit more expensive than I've ran across. Not sure of the difference in construction buying from other places.

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