Opinions on 36 or 30 hood (pics)

frontMarch 12, 2014

I'm debating on whether I should go with a 30" or 36" range hood. By going with a 36" hood, I will have to reduce the two adjacent cabinets from 21" to 18" wall cabinets. I would like your opinions on the aesthetics of going with a larger hood and whether I will benefit from the exhaust. Do you have any pros/cons between the two?

30in Hood

36" Hood

The hood doesn't accurately depict the hood. I had to create something similar.

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We just went with a 30 on a 30. they match, they look good and with the Zephyr hood we installed it works really well.

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Do you find yourself tight enough on storage space that losing those six inches will make a difference?

I was planning on a 36" cab above my range but after reading your post I now realize that I will not be able to do an OTR micro with completely negating the more open feel I was trying to gain. For me it would be a 36" hood and not a MW, or revert to the 30" cab and hood, which leaves me in just the same position as you.

Where is your microwave going?

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For function, it is highly recommended to have a 36" hood over a 30" range, and that is what I am doing. I have read waaaaaaay too much about kitchen exhausting. I don't think it looks bad - gives the range some visual "breathing room".

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I'm not the OP, but I'll be installing my microwave in a cabinet below the counter in a less-visible area.

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Jeremy Duboys

I agree with Feisty,

As long as you are not tight on space go with the 36". If you really can use the extra 6 inches then go with 30"

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We have a 30 inch range and will be installing a 36 inch hood that will be vented to the outside. After living with no ventilation in our kitchen for over 13 years, having a properly vented hood was one of our top priorities. I really look forward to not having to clean the ceiling over the range every month or so!!

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We interviewed 4 different KD's and priced appliances in 3 different places. All 7 said to go with the larger exhaust fan so we'll be putting in the 36" over our 30" induction cook top. A lot of our decision was based on the fact that cooktop and fan were on our feature wall, the one you see first. It appears less cramped to me but I were strapped for space the smaller fan would have been fine.

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Okay, I am convinced! It will b hard to find an alternate location for the microwave, but I am going to do it. I definitely like the look of a 36 over a 30, and now it seems that functionally it is superior, too.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I think it depends on the cooktop. Gas can use the larger hood, but with induction, the only fumes are from cooking so we went with the same size...in our case, they are both 36".

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I am under the same impression as Annie--not really necessary for an electric range. I think any good hood can handle odors and steam, but I'm not sure if 30" is adequate for high-heat cooking that generates a lot of grease, i.e. stir-frying and searing meat.

As for the aesthetics of a 36" hood, the hood should match the range. For instance, a 30" range with dials on the back would not look so great with a $3000 hood or fancy cabinetry. I would be concerned about a 36" hood being out of scale in your cramped U, so if you need it for function, I'd go low-key. The space and angle of your stove wall doesn't really lend itself to a natural focal point.

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Fori is not pleased

36" would work better, sure, but if that were my kitchen, I'd get a 30". You just don't have that much space!

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I got a 30" hood for my electric range. I wasn't willing to give up cabinet space - and considering that I wasn't vented at all before, this is a vast improvement! I don't have make-up air, so I was limited to 400 scf anyway.

I agree that in front's kitchen, a 36" hood would be out of proportion.

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Full disclosure, I picked a 36" wide hood to put over my 30" Wolf range. I had the room for the extra 6".

In Front's kitchen, however, I think that a 30" hood over the 30" range will be fine in terms of function. And, I think that the 30" will probably look better given the configuration of the cabinets. If I were Front, I'd pick a 30" wide hood.

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I went with a 30" vent hood on top of a 30" cooktop. I regret not going with a 36" vent hood because my cabinets get kind of hot from the heat from the gas.

You should go with the 36" to give you 3" extra space on each side. Venting will also be better...

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People also say you need a 42" hood for a 36" range, but I have a BlueStar 36" range with a 36" 715cfm hood and have never once thought that I would be better off with a larger hood. I'm pretty sure I would have regretted having a larger hood and sacrificing the space on each upper cabinet.

From the sketches, I personally like the look of your 30" hood better but they both look good.

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