qotd....??? What do you like or dislike about your sewing space?

sunnycentralFLApril 3, 2011

I consider my little sewing room as an oasis when all around me is chaotic...I can just step into it and tune out the rest for a few moments. Even when the sewing room itself has many little stacks of units for a mystery quilt, or a pile of fabric for the next project waiting, it is still a harbor of peacefulness. I hope your space provides you with solace.

I am so grateful!


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Well, mine is small, too - 10 x 11 - and it has an awful lot of stuff crammed into it! LOL But it's well organized and I can just go in there and enjoy myself.

I do need better lighting, though. I mentioned it to DH once but will have to try again.


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What I hate about my sewing room - it is in my office and I am still working!

What I love about my sewing room - it is in my office and I am still working!

Typical love - hate relationship, but it affords me the opportunity to steal some time to sew, even if for a few minutes.
The space is very small, and very hard to keep things organized and separate - I guess I just need to retire!

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My sewing room is also our guest bedroom so my space is limited, not to mention that the room is small to begin with. The lighting could be better also, but as all quilters know, you just deal with it. Right!!

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I am very fortunate that my DH puts up with my sewing area being here on the main floor. I love being able to sew and still be part of what the family is doing or can at least listen to what they are doing. The down-side is my fabric is all stored in a yucky basement. While I'm working on a project, the fabrics get hauled up from the basement and then have to be hauled back down and put away. I too have been hinting about some better lighting!

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Our basement got an overhaul a few years ago, new lighting, new paint and I have a large space to work in. But... it is still a basement. I also keep a machine in the kitchen and do a lot of my sewing there. Right under a big window so lots of natural light. And I can stitch a block or two while the potatoes are cooking. But like Karlene, all my supplies are downstairs. In my next life, I will have the perfect space.

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The down side is that it is TOO small.
The up side is that it is mine!!. It's confusion for others is my haven from the rest of the world. I can turn any way and see things that I love, I can reach out and touch the things I need, I can look out window and see my birds and squirrels,what more can I ask for. Jayne

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Our living room is about 20X30 and I've stationed myself in the back. I have my sewing desk backed up against a big sofa chair, so I can see out the front sliding glass doors and can watch the big TV while sewing. All fabric is within reach. We are big on being casual and I love it! I do wish I had more wall space, but that's ok....I'm very content!


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We have just built a new house and my craft room was part of the design from the beginning. I love having different areas for the different crafts I do - sewing, patchwork & scrapbooking in the craftroom and leadlighting in the garage. My husband built desks for each activity, plus shelves to store equipment, but I still get in a mess at times with a number of projects under way at the one time.


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I love my space. It isn't actually a room. I get to occupy the mezzanine over our living room. It is nice because I can keep in touch with what the kids and family are doing, but still be off to myself. One problem is it doesn't get a lot of light at night. There are 2 sky lights, so I get plenty of natural day light. The biggest problem is it doesn't get enough of my attention and it doesn't have enough toys to play with! Maybe one day???


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I really enjoy mine. It is a daylight basement family room and is very large. The only thing I dislike is that I can't shut off the room mid-project because of our cats. I have to clean up each time I sew. Maybe that's a good thing, though. ;)

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I was about 55 before I finally had my own sewing room!!! The up side is that it has 2 windows so it is bright and sunny. The down side is that it has 2 windows and it is bright and sunny lol!!!!! It is about 5 degrees warmer than the rest of the house and I have black out curtains to try and reduce the heat in the hot and humid southern summer (and a ceiling fan!). I can look out my window and see my rose garden, one gorgeous pink and yellow bush has about 30 blooms on it right now. I had probs growing roses in Florida and they love this Georgia climate.
It is small and I would love to have the whole garage to myself, but I can open the door and listen to the TV, and I can close the door when it is in a mess (always!).

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I have my own space in the loft over the kitchen. I can go up there and sew without having to move my stuff from one room to another. I have plenty of light thanks to lamps I have purchased. However, I can't shut off my room either so I have to put my project away and cover up my table becasue we have cats. They love my space too.

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I have the space but do have to take it up if company comes because it's also called the guest room. I do tend to scatter piles of fabric about but no change in the facilities will help that. I love having the space at all. If we had to downsize, I'd lose that.

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