Will an empty room hurt sale of home?

shelly_kFebruary 18, 2009

We live in a traditional 2 story, about 10 years old. On the main floor is kitchen, family room, formal dining, formal living, laundry and half bath.

Currently, we never use the formal living room and it is empty. It is visible and basically off the foyer as in many traditional 2 story homes. It is basically one long room open to the formal dining room. So when you walk in the formal living room off the foyer, you can see the formal dining room.

Will the empty formal living room hurt sale of this house? We don't really want to spend money on furniture that we won't be able to use in our next house, but if it would help sell, we would do it.

What do you think?

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I would dress up the room, but not with furniture. An excellent paint color, maybe crown molding, a simple window treatment - white cotton sheers pulled back with a colorful tie, a beautiful torchiere lamp that throws light onto the ceiling, maybe a tree in a corner with an uplight. The flooring, walls and baseboards need to be immaculate.

The big issue for an empty room is lighting. You don't want it to appear dark and gloomy.

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I would rent furniture. The absence of furniture might make it appear that you are partially moved out of the house and desperate for a sale.

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I think buyers would realize you're still in the home and not partially moved out because of all the other furniture in the home. I agree with graywings, the room needs to be immaculate and well lit, and as warm and inviting as an empty room can be. A fresh coat of a warm paint will help to do that. Don't present it as a sterile white box.

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I think it will be fine as long as the room looks perfect. Flaws in carpet or walls show up in an empty room when there's nothing to distract from them.

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An empty room will not affect your selling.
You do not need to buy furniture.

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The room already has warm paint on the walls and window treatments and a big picture window. I could add a lamp for lighting. Thanks for your thoughts.

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Do you have a few pieces of furniture that could be moved into this room? Maybe a desk or chest of drawers and a couple of chairs with a small table between them? It doesn't need a lot of furniture but I think a few pieces would help. And yes, it needs nice paint and good lighting.

I agree that it can be sold empty but I think if every other room has furniture then having the livingroom empty will look uninviting. And it is the first room people see when they walk in, too.

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