Venturi Jets or Blower for spa?

crosby1966August 4, 2011

building fairly large oasis pool with a 12' outside diameter and 9' inside spa (18" sitting ledge). 3' spillover to pool. Seperate 2HP jet pump for spa. 400,000BTU heater. PB planning on doing venturi jets, but a PB I ended up not using was saying I would appreciate a blower. PB said blower not really necessary...can be loud...something else to maintain. PB has venturi jets in contract. Thoughts?

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+1 for the blower! Venturis roar in your ear.


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Venturi jets can be effectively used without a blower if plumbed properly. The airline can be located away from the spa near the equipment if it's not too far from the pool.
A blower is helpful particularly if the spa is raised.
Scott is correct, if you plumb the venturi's at the pool edge they are very annoying.
Just tell your PB you want the venturi air placed away from the spa and near the equipment. This will allow you to add a blower if you're not happy with the venturi action.

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Thanks guys. So, if the air duct pvc pipes are going to just stub out under the raised spa coping...not good? Im not sure I understand how venturi jets can be annoying or whatvplumbed from the pool means.

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BTW, equipment will be 50-70ft from spa

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Venturi tees are used regardless of whether you use a blower or not.
The air being sucked thru the air vent hole near the spa is the loud annoying sound you will hear.

With the equipment 50-70 feet away and having a raised spa, I would definitely use a blower.

NOTE: The blower is necessary to help push excess water out of the air line that is under the water level, thus full of water. This air line will most likely have water in it even if a hartford loop is present.

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Funny, PB called this morning and recommended blower...which we will do. Will post pic of spa before they gunite. thank you for input.

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