PebbleSheen Prism Blue pics

SpangenbergAugust 23, 2013

Sine it was impossible for us to see any Prism Blue pools live in our area and we did it blindly I wanted to share some pics of our pool since completion to give others at least some idea of what it looks like in full sun at 2PM, East Bay CA., with blue skies and no clouds. Without sun it darkens and at night it is pitch black in the moonlight. We love it! We wanted a blue pool with no green or greys and this to us is as close as we could find in pebble sheen. Feel free to email me individually and I can send plenty of other pictures to give you a better idea.

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Hi Spangenberg, We are looking for pebble sheen in the same color description and would appreciate some more pics in sun, shade and various times of day. Thanks.

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Hi - I'd love to see some more pictures in daylight. We are in the east bay too. We just finished the gunite and are making final decisions on the color of the pebble.


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Thanks for the photos

I would also be interested in your pool build experience and if you would recommend your builder- I'm looking currently to build in Nov-Feb and am looking for builders.


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That color is gorgeous. I would also love to see more pics. I have had several people tell me they are looking for a color just like that. Mine is more lagoon because we went with jet black. I absolutely love mine but really love your color also. I could help some people on here that ask me about a dark blue color with your pics. It was nice of you to post.

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I'm in the East Bay CA as well and Blue Prism is the front runner for our new pool finish. I'd appreciate seeing any photos you can share. Thanks!

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Spangenberg I would love for you to email me pictures of your pool so I can see the prism blue. I can't decide on a color to save my life. Thank you very much.

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