two-tone concrete decking (spray-deck): anyone have pics??

dcassAugust 8, 2012

We are getting closer to signing a contract and the PB we are going with has shown us a small sample of a deck technique that uses two different colors to create a unique two-tone look.

It is a concrete spray deck type product, you choose a darker base color that is troweled on, then the lighter color is sprayed on with the gun to create the textured effect. The sample looked really interesting but they have not done the deck on anyone yet and did not have pics of a full deck like that. I can't visualize if it is something we would like on our deck. Has anyone seen or done this type of deck, and do you have a pic??

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I haven't heard of that method. Could it be stamped concrete?

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no, not stamped. The texture looks like knockdown that goes on a ceiling. The base flat layer was a dark color, and the texture layer over it was light. I have never seen anything like it and can't find pics of a whole deck like that. It was rather unique.

Here is the texture I mean.

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Texture Crete? I googled and a sprayed concrete overlay...

I haven't seen this application before.

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