Is there any practical reason to replace a perfectly good DW?

homebuyer23March 5, 2013

So the process of finding things to cut out has begun, as cabinet and labor quotes start pouring in and I realize, I just can't get everything I want...surprise surprise!

I assumed we'd replace our DW, but now I'm wondering if this is a good place to save about $1K? I don't love it but it works fine, is only 4.5 years old.

Im just wondering if theres any practical reason I'm missing where this wouldn't actually make much sense. Does it cost more to take an old one out of an in tact kitchen and replace it than it would to install a new one in a gutted kitchen?


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Most dishwashers are standard sized, so you can replace at any time. I think the only additional cost you would incur is the uninstall and the storage of the unit while you finished the remodel. And that's probably trivial.

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I have the same question! Ours is nothing special but it's good enough so I figured we'd just keep it. Tonight DH said we should replace it, since after I install new cork floors and everything, when the DW does indeed break, he is convinced I will lose my mind watching them mess up the cork floors taking out the old and putting in the new DW.

So I'm interested to see what others have to say because I really thought I was done picking out this stuff!!

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I'm on the third DW in our house (after 24 years). They are pretty easy to take out and install.

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To answer your basic question: No, there is no practical reason to replace an appliance that works. DWs are all standard size, so unless you're adding flooring that would change the height of the DW space, you can wait as long as you want. If, like olivertwist, you're afraid it would scar the floors, that's a good consideration, but there are plenty of materials to lay on a floor to prevent scuffs. If the new flooring actually is higher in front of the DW (boxing it in by a fraction of an inch), then yes, that can cause problems, which is why many people install flooring under the cabinets and DW so it's all one level. Also, some people want all appliances to match, which is a legitimate reason to switch them out, but not a "practical" one.

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I'm saving my old dishwasher to have reinstalled after the reno. FWIW, GC told me that sometimes after sitting dry a few months, a dishwasher may start to leak and need to be replaced. I decided to cross that bridge when we get to it. I don't know any more about it, but I'll let you know if it starts to leak.

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When we reno'd, our DW was only about 18 months old. We stored it in the garage for more than 12 months during construction. (Yes, it took that long to reno the whole house.). No problems with reinstalling it except that I don't feel it cleans quite as well as it did before. The new, site-finished oak floors were covered with Ram board for appliance install.

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I'm still on the first DW and don't see any reason to replace her. Or were you speaking about dishwashers? Same thing. if it ain't broke...

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Ours was the only major appliance that didnt already break (we start this April), so since it was as old as the others, and would be destructive when it goes, we did it pre-empmotively. But it was over 10 years old and as loud as a jet engine!

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We reinstalled our 6 year old dw thinking we could get a few more years. It stopped working after 2 weeks. I don't know if it was because it sat unused for months or not.

Try it but be ready to replace if needed.

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since when is practicality fun?!

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measure_twice, lol! My husband may want to replace me by the time this process is over!

remodelfla, lol, exactly, everytime I think of something to cut out to save money, I think of reasons not to, sometimes the reason is just, well that's no fun, an old dishwasher in a brand new kitchen?! But, something's gotta give! The DW won't even put a dent in the savings I have to start looking for...I guess I don't really NEED inset cabinetry :-(

Thanks all for the feedback, the fact it might conk out anyway if we leave it idle for a while is a somewhat strong argument to me to just replace it, but glad to hear its worth trying if I absolutely need to find $1K to save...

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Last kitchen we had a Bosch with a black panel. Called Bosh to get an estimate about switching it to ss panel after the reno. The dw was about 7 years old, worked great. Well, after getting the real price for dw panel (which also needed to switch out the handle ($$), the control panel ($$), etc. It would have been $350 to just change it from black to ss. I had no interest in paying that much to change a 7 year old dw. So, we decided to go with the F&P dish drawers, sell the Bosh on CL (very happy cusomer) took that money and put it towards the new dish drawers.

Maybe you can sell it for some money and get what you want?

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I have a 10-yr-old, low-end white Kenmore that is the loudest thing ever. It has an unattractive plasticky front. Still, I am reluctant to get rid of it because it has a great interior, cleans so well (without needing the presence of egg yolk or traces of pork chop), *and* AIR DRIES PERFECTLY. It's all about function. Still, it's not real easy on the eyes. I wish it would break and force my hand.

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