Counter window hight -- please help!

caviewMarch 27, 2008


We want our kitchen window to be at the same level the counter so that the granite can extend into it as a sill.

The challenge is we cannot figure out what height we should order!! The height of the cabinets will be 35 1/4, then the 2 inch granite.. The ceiling height is 8 feet...

The unknowns are how far should it go under the granite, if it should, how to make sure the window will open correctly and other things I know know about to ask...

The window will be Anderson 400 series 2 casement..

Anyone has done the same calculation and can recommend?

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Let us know what you find out because I'm planning to do something similar using a bow window.

Something to remember, someone on this forum, don't remember who, had everything calculated but in the end the granite got in the way and the crank window handle on the bottom couldn't turn.

Finally, are you sure your granite is 2 inches? I think it typically is either 2 or 3 cm.

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Helou, you are right -- I mistyped, it's 2 cm!


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We just went through this. We had a bay window that was only 22" above the floor. We raised it so we could put our counter into the bay and up to the sill as well. The two side windows open, the middle window does not. It is difficult and you may or may not get it exact...err on the side of slightly higher than lower, though, b/c you can have a very short sill (~1/4" or so) and still have the same look.

Besides being sure your window is at the right height, be sure you can open the window (if it will open).

  • Get a casement window (crank open rather than lift up to open) b/c trying to open a window when leaning over a counter can be a "stretch" :-)

  • Be sure you have enough room b/w the counter and the crank so you can turn the crank w/o running into the counter

Usually, the window should be 36" off the finished floor. The height of the window itself is up to you want it almost to the ceiling or a different height? In our case, we were constrained by the fact that our bay was an actual bump-out of the house so we were limited to the height of the bump-out...14" lower than our 8' ceilings.

OK...this is what you have to do...

  1. First, are you replacing your current floor? If so, will it be before or after you put in the window?
  • If before, you need to know the thickness of the floor and the materials used to put in the floor.

    E.g., our tile floor went in after our window. So, we had to know how thick the tile was (3/8") + thickness of thinset + subfloor (if new subfloor will be put down).

    Then, we had to subtract the thickness of the vinyl that was still in place but was going to be taken out later (1/4")

  1. If the window will be going in after the new floor or you are not replacing the floor, you can skip this step.

Next, find out the height of your cabinets themselves. Most are 34-1/2" high. But, if you have raised or lowered your counters you will have a different height. Now, determine the thickness of your countertop material.

  • If granite, is it 2cm or 3cm? Generally (in USA), the west coast has 2cm and the rest of the country has 3cm. (1cm = 2.54 inches)

  • If 2cm, you will need to know the thickness of your plywood subtop.

Add these numbers together and that's how high off the floor you will need to place your window. And, like I said before, it's better to err on the side of too high than too low.

Fothia has her counter running into her bay window. Her window was/is my inspiration and what I used to show what I wanted to the window people and our remodel contractor. I've linked her 99% finished kitchen thread. It has a closeup picture of her window.

If I missed anything, please let us all know!


Here is a link that might be useful: Pics of 99% finished Kitchen Reno

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I think there was a mistype on your cm to inches conversion

1 cm = .4 inches
1 in = 2.54 cm

other than that -- what great info, I appreciate it too.

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Oops! You're right!!! I guess it was the 1:30 in the morning thing! Borngrace is absolutely right! 1 inch = 2.54 cm!!!!

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Guys, you are the best!!! Invaluable information! Will start figuring it out tonight! Tanya

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Does anyone have a close up picture of this so my contractor can see where the counter ends and the windows begin?

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If you look at the link to my kitchen on the Finished Kitchens Blog, there is one picture taken right in front of my sink that shows where my stone goes right to the casement windows (mine are Andersen, as well.)

Sorry, I don't know how to pluck it from there and put it here...

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I LOVE your lake house!!! It is a dream place to live!!

Your kitchen window looks perfect -- very clean and elegant!

Do you know how high it is??

Best regards,

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Thanks for your kind words - We love it.

We won't get up there till Friday night, when I can measure for you on site. But my guess is that the window base is at/or very near 36" because it meets the counter which is the same height as the nearby table, which I know is 36".

I think though it takes a bit more planning, you will be happy with the counterheight window. I don't have it here at home, and wish I did.

Another great example to look at in the FKB is Kitchenkelly's. I carried a pic of hers in my house binder to show the builder and SS guy the look I was going for.

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I will be working thru this with my kitchen remodel. To add, you need to shoot for the bottom of the window being 36'' above the highest point of your floor. i.e., don't assume that your floor is dead level.

Leg levelers on cab bases ought to make the job easier. Info says they allow for up to 2 3/16'' adjustment.

Here is a link that might be useful: Leg Levelers

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