why sew extra seams?

lola99April 21, 2011

From time to time I see a pattern that I think I could simplify and I'm wondering if you generally sew patterns exactly as they are published, or do you adjust them if you have an easier way of putting the block together?

For example, I was looking at the Double Irish Chain directions on Quilter's Cache and I noticed that the instructions on the top of page 2 say to sew color 3 strips to color 3 to make a larger piece of color 3. Why wouldn't you just cut a larger piece of color 3 in the first place? The only reason that I can think of is that by doing it the way it is described you can then nest your seams when putting it all together - but all things equal, wouldn't you rather have fewer seams?

Here is a link that might be useful: Double Irish Chain directions

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I have done that before. It make sense to me to have fewer seams and fewer chances of not matching perfectly. Also less see-through of seams.

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Good question. I often make a pattern easier than shown. I also will combine pieces into one bigger piece when they seem to be cut only to add those extra seams. Since no one will see the pattern I made it from, who would know anyway.

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I think sometimes they make the directions so you piece fewer types of pieces. Like making a bunch of HSTs instead of some HSTs and flying geese. But personally I prefer the look with fewer seams, so I usually change my patterns when I can. The exception is blocks for exchanges. I follow the directions so they will all be the same.


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I agree that it makes sence to cut a larger pc. for 3 but I think that it is done that way to give the border impression to the block. Jayne

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Yes, if I see an easier way of making a pattern, I'll make it that way. I used to swap on another forum, but they've gotten so wordy for the directions, I doubt I could follow along. I can easily make the blocks to look like what they show, but won't make them using their directions. I only do the BD swap here, anyway. I don't understand extra seams if they aren't needed. The older I get, the less I care about certain things.


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Thanks for your answers. When I asked the question I wasn't thinking about swaps, but I can see that would be a good reason not to change the pattern!

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