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otisdogAugust 27, 2010

I am about to undertake a remodeling project of an existing pool. The project also includes 320' of perimeter and retaining concrete block walls.

My ex-room mate is a builder of exclusive pools in the Southern California area, and is providing me guidance on the project. I will use his plumber and plasterer, and some other folks that I have known for decades will be doing the masonary. I build sets for television, and will be the "contractor" of the build.

I have a 20' x 40' pool that is 9' deep. I willfill in the existing "pop-out" stairs, add corner stairs / seats in the shallow end, and corner seats in the deep end. A 6' x 7' spa will be centered on the outside of the pool. The pool has not had water in it for 2 years, because I found it impossable to keep has a skimmer with a 6" throat and a 3/4 inch return line, and the bottom drain has been capped of @ the skimmer.

My friend proposes 2 skimmers on the deep end, with 3 2" returns @ the shallow end...with no main drains. When I was in the building department discussing my walls, the inspector said I have to have main drains in the bottom of my pool for it to circulate the water properly. My friend has a good rep in the industry. I am undertaking this whole project so that I can enjoy a maintenance free pool...what should I do?

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Main Drain theory = suck water from the bottom and return water to the top.
A little history......the first pool cleaners were top floating and pushed everything to the bottom of the pool where it would accumulate and be removed by vacuum or net.
Newer pool cleaners now pick up debrey and make the need for main drains obsolete. If you are remodeling a pool and want to eliminate main drains this is fine.

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Save yourself ther grief from all the impending federal and real estate rules that will continue to come dow. avoid the main drains.

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