QofTD 4/18/11- When are you a 'Quilter'?

magothyrivergirlApril 18, 2011

When you began quilting, when did you stop saying or thinking of yourself as a "New" Quilter? I don't mean that you don't continue to learn, because we all continue to learn whether we recognize it or not~LOL~ I am asking at what point in your quilting life, did you consider yourself a "Quilter"? Was it a certain number of quilts sewn? Was it achieving a certain skill set?

I am anxious to stop saying & thinking of myself as a new quilter - heehee! My benchmark was COMPLETING 10 quilts. I'm almost there. Completing is the hard part~because I have at least 12 tops (that I can think of) in some process from ready to be quilted to needing borders. Maybe I set my benchmark too high ~ I could still be calling myself new for a long time.

So, when did you graduate from "New Quilter" to "Quilter"?

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What an interesting question! Sorry to say, I don't know the answer.

I thought of myself as a gardener for many years. Through most of those years I also made quilts, but I defined myself as a gardener. Over the past 3 years as the gardening became more of a physical challenge I've transferred that identity to quilting. Yes, I say "I'm a quilter!" But I don't remember ever thinking I was a 'new quilter'. Maybe because my quilting evolved over time and wasn't like a hobby I decided to pick up and start doing.

I don't think I would define it by the number of quilts made, though. For me, it's more about the process than the product. I believe you could make one quilt, know you love doing it and be a quilter!


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Like Kate, I don't think I ever thought of myself as a "new" quilter. The first quilt I remember making was (is) a king size log cabin variation that I made up myself. It's all hand cut with scissors & templates, hand pieced and hand quilted. It took years to finish it... I would work on it a while then get bored and put it away. I finished a couple other quilts before that one was done.

Anyway, I was in jr. or sr. high school when I started the first one, but had been sewing clothes since age 7 or 8, so maybe the quilting was just different sewing to me!

Now that I quilt almost exclusively (haven't made any clothes in a long while) I guess I think of myself as an "experienced" quilter.


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I think that when I completed the first quilt that I made I considered myself a "quilter". I had make a few smaller projects but considered them part of the learning process. After the first full sized quilt, with all the processes and many techniques accomplished it seemed that quilting was going to stay a part of my life. Jayne

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I think that after your first finished quilt you may say to yourself...."gee, that was fun - can't wait to make another quilt!" and you ARE a quilter. Or you say....."OMG, thank heavens that is finished - but I don't think I want to ever make another quilt again!" and you go on to something else. You might become a quilter later, down the road, but I don't think you are a true quilter if you make one quilt and hated the whole process. JMO....

I did not consider myself a quilter after I started a bed quilt for DS#2 when he was just a tyke. That got put away and never finished. After I made my first baby quilt for a gift and wanted to make more and more of them....then I was a quilter.


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You're a quilter, Marsha :), I'm sure of it.

I agree with Teresa - if you make one, are excited to make another, you are a quilter. I've been a quilter since my first baby quilt.

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Ahhhh.....I completely forgot about the baby & kid quilts---30 years ago!!!! And all the other big, tied, and quilted comforters & bedspreads I used to make. Yippee! I'm there! I'm a Quilter!!!

About 8 years ago, my adult niece gave me a small quilted Christmas topper as a gift made by someone in her husband's family. She said she thought of me, because I (used to) quilt. I was amazed she remembered that, because she was a very little girl. I probably made her something that she remembers and I don't. I used to pride myself in giving all handmade gifts.

I'm so glad I asked this question.

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Hmmmm, I don't really know when that happened! It might have been when I started to prefer quilting to anything else.


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Lots of "stepping stones" led me to quilting like most everyone here...I did embroidery since I was six, made my maternity clothes, cute kid themed covers for each of 18 compters in my computer lab, made curtins for the house, baby quilts for the Grands,etc., but when I did my first queen sized log cabin quilt and it came out orderly, even, and looked great then I knew I was a quilter.
Great question, thanks!

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I agree with Teresa and Nanajayne....after your first quilt,and you want to make another, you are a quilter. Now whether you become "experienced" or "prolific" or "obsessed" depends on the number of quilts you make or the size of your "supplies for quilting" ie, stash, rulers, thread, gadgets etc. LOL
Just my 2cents worth.
I consider myself a quilter! Slightly experienced.

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I still hesitate when someone asks me if I'm a quilter before I say 'yes' - I guess I always want to qualify it with "but not a professional one", "but not one that is good enough to be in a quilt show"....

For a long time I preferred to say I made blankets and not quilts since the quilting part was the hardest for me and the top is what I enjoyed the most. Then a couple years ago I went to a large craft show that is held annually with hundreds of vendors. There was a booth that had some quilts used as a background for the crafts that were displayed. They quilts had signs on them that they were not for sale. The people that were coming to that booth were automatically drawn to the quilts and I heard a lot of admiring comments. I noticed that my skill level was above what was used in these quilts so I decided that people admired these quilts (I did too) then what I did also qualified as quilting - not just blanket making.


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I have been pondering this question for days. Like Karlene, when asked if I am a quilter, I always say "I make quilts". I tended to think of QUILTERS as artists and professionals and that I am not. I have two friends I consider to be quilters. They do fabulous work and much of it by hand.
Maybe I am going to have to rethink my definition. I have made over 30 quilts so I guess if I am ever going to be a "quilter" it is time.

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You bet your bippy your are a quilter, Theresa!

And so are you, Karlene! There was never any doubt!


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I get the feeling that people are confusing quality and quanity with the process and desire. I believe the later make a quilter not the former. Jayne

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If you make more than one quilt, you obviously have the desire and by using different patterns, you use the process. So 2 -100+ means you are a quilter.

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You are a quilter.

If after making one quilt you decided to make another then you are a quilter.
I have lost count of how many I have made. I have gone back and looked at pictures of quilts I have forgotten I made! I prefer to make bed quilts and have made very few wall hangings. But if asked I don't even hesitate to say I'm a quilter.


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