Has anyone ever tried to Go the fresh water route with their pool

kbirgersonAugust 17, 2012

Good idea or terrible idea? My husband and I are trying to be more environmentally conscious so we decided to look into transforming our old pool into a fresh water pool. Has anyone ever had an experience with this? We've been doing some extensive research but we don't really know any people personally that could give us their story without the whole selling gimmick. We just want to know how much of a process it was and if it's worth it. Thanks!

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I did a lot of research on this topic a while back. You may want to google "swimming pond" and "natural pools". The basic premise is that you use aquatic plant life to filter your pool water. I thought it was really neat, and seems to be much more popular in Europe.

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While I may jump in a lake, in my back yard, I want a sanitary body of water so no one blames me for a person to person infection of any sort. With a natural pool, this could happen.


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Yep, its called a pond.

Great place for skeeters and frogs to spawn.

And in that dark water, where I live for snakes and gators to take up residence.

Nothing beats the slight whiff of chlorine, being able to see my toes at the bottom of my sparkling blue pool.


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I did some research but I still can't seem to find someone with first hand experience, thanks for the help though!

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I understand that in Minnesota there is a trend now to use sphagnum moss for filtration. That doesn't mean it is totally fresh water though. It may be a start to what you are suggesting. You still need some process to kill the bacteria in the pool. Stay away from man-made chemicals. Consider salt or ozone

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It is reported to reduce bio-films that may have formed in some situations. IIRC, its mostly for larger and somewhat older equipped commercial pools, It isn't a chlorine reducer.


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I personally like a pool with a higher salt content. Swimming in the gulf of Mexico is a lot healthier for you than swimming in the pacific. Cuts heal about 1/2 as fast on most people, not sure why, but it is what it is. I guess its like epsom salt on a bruise?

The water also tastes much cleaner. I am planning on going salt water but using a little more salt and a little less chlorine, though my wife will be checking params, shes a chemical engineer. Just a theory of mine :)

Are you talking more about natural spring pools?

There was a pool in Florida that I have been to that was all natural spring water. It was gigantic "about 5x the size of a normal pool". It tasted like nestle bottled water and that was insanely awesome. I imagine they pumped it out and had a top off system somehow, making it chemical free.

Found it

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Here is a better picture, its a killer


It has been 15+ years, I forgot how stunning it was.

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