Listing the house on Monday! Optimistic (maybe wrongfully so...)

stretchadFebruary 13, 2009

I've been posting on this board for a long time now...initially when I first listed my and my husband's first home in Indianapolis from Sept '07 to Feb '08. No bites then and hardly any visitors. Had quite a bit of frustration (which I think I shared here!).

Well, we're trying it again, this time with a better, more experienced realtor, who also is very experienced with my neighborhood. We've got a lower price, and it's staged even better. We'll have a virtual tour too and hopefully better photos (she's hired a professional photographer).

Last week there were a total of 3 other houses on my street for sale. One of them is now pending (yay!), and off the MLS. However, 2 more have popped up in the last two days! One is a foreclosure - a smaller ranch home price $50,000 less than ours will be, touted as a 'fixer upper'. The other new listing is a much bigger home for about $20,000 more than ours. The other two listings that have been on for a little while - one is a family friend of ours that's a bit over priced. Currently about 400 sq. ft. bigger, but with an in-ground pool - $25,000 more than ours. And the other house is another foreclosure that's much bigger than ours and will be the same price as ours, but in a 'fixer upper' status as well. The house that's pending is most similar to ours in terms of size, finish, lot. It was listed for $5,000 more than ours will be. My sister (the tenant of the house currently, since we've now relocated) says they mentioned to them that it sold for not too much less than what they had it listed for, and more than what we're listing ours at.

So the neighbor's pending sale leaves me feeling optimistic, as well as my realtor's thoughts on the market. However the houses that keep popping up on the listings have me NERVOUS!!!

Wish us luck.

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Good luck!! In my area there are a lot of new listings, but very few buyers out there. Open Houses have started up as well, I don't think I saw a single Open House in my area from October through January. Spring has brought new listings and Open Houses, but to date not a lot of buyers. Hopefully buyers are out in your area.

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Good Luck to you! Sounds like things will go good for you. I'm crossing my fingers for you!

We had the same scenario as you and when we listed the second time we had a better agent and priced just right. However, we had about 20 other houses in our immediate neighborhood on the market at the same time (3 or 4 just on our street)- some had been on for over a year and some came on just as we listed. Another strike, we all had very similar townhomes.

We had been on the market for about a week- had one showing, she immediately put in an offer of our asking price, and SOLD!

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Good, smart pricing will sell any home! Good deal groomingal.
Don't give it away, but price it so Buyers leave the showing knowing that the house is offering one of the best values out there.

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Good luck!
If you'd like an off the forum opinion of your agent, email me the agent & their site I'll give you an opinion on it.

Whatever you do, make sure you are able to get out of the selling contract if you are not happy. You do not want to waste precious time.

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I just bumped the agent questions for sellers post back up in case you wanted to look at them.

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