Scooping corner sink cabinet on frameless cabinets- Pics?

skimmton_chiMarch 26, 2013

I have a 39" corner sink cabinet. I was hoping to get a 33" sink in there, but am not sure.
I have heard a lot of people say "you will have to scoop the cabinet, " and some people have said they've done it here, but I haven't seen (& can't find it anywhere) what it looks like while it's being done & before the granite is on. I don't recall anyone saying they've done it with frameless cabs, so that makes me more nervous.
Does anyone have pics of their scooped cabinet sink install??
Since it's just mdf, how do we route out the "wood" to make the SS sink at the same depth as the rest of the top of the cabinets? Will it just fall apart?

Here are my calculations:
33" sink, lip over just the sink cabinet (1) wall= 6.25 to cabinet door ( presumably we'd have to add another inch for countertop overhang

33" sink, lip over 2 cabinet walls (would probably have to dig into sink cab. wall too) = 5.5" to sink cabinet door front

30" sink, lip over 1 cabinet wall= 4.75" to sink cab door front

I don't want to make a mistake here, but have no idea what to do. Please help!

Here's a pic of the corner sink (don't mind the off center ruler-thing and the support we screwed up to the right).

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Do NOT scoop any frameless cabinet. Ever. That is an absolutely dangerous thing to do. It's dangerous enough on a framed cabinet, but the sides are the strength in a frameless cabinet and you're taking away all of the strength in an already weakly supported area. Your granite could collapse the sink base.

Use a 25" single sink like the base was designed for.

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OK. Thanks for your response & I hope you can excuse my ignorance.
I was mostly just hoping to get the lip of the sink on the top of the sink cabinet walls (not actually scooping the walls of the cabinet, but thought I ought to ask the question). Do you think that's still inadvisable? I have considered ways to reinforce the cabinet as I recognize it's a large expanse.

If it is inadvisable, how much of the top MDF needs to exist from the edge? 1/2"? If 1/2", then a 25" sink would be 3.5" away from the edge of the granite (that includes the lip of the sink) My top mount corner sink now is 3.5 inches (including lip) from the edge of the countertop.

A 25" sink is a bit of a shock, as the cabinet company told me I could get at least 30" in. Thanks for any advice.

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Someone actually posted photos of what I think you want to try to do except that they modified the cabinet to accommodate a bigger sink bowl (which would not apply to you since your cabinets are frameless).

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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Fori is not pleased

Maybe you can find a way to use a D shaped sink backwards?

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one of the things i would have differently on my corner sink is the installation.
I would have turned the sink 45 degrees so that the longer side was front to back not side to side.
this uses up more of the space at the back that is sort of wasted.
it means the drain is on the side instead of the back

I do love my corner sink but often wish I had done the installation as described above.

This would certainly help you out

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No scooping of a frameless cabinet unless you install a LOT of additional support to take the weight of the heavy counter and heavy sink full of water. And for those corner cabinets that don't go all the way into the corner, you should always make sure that there is a cleat on the wall at the rear to support the weight as well.

If you want a large corner sink, then a 42" sink base will just barely accomodate a full sized 33" sink. But only if you push it back further into the cabinet than is normal. Instead of the typical 3-4" inches from the front, you're talking 6"-8" back. That's bad on your back.

The other alternative choice when planning a corner sink is to take a regular sink cabinet and install it on the diagonal. That does eat up a bit more space unless you recess the sink cabinet into the corner a bit. I find sinks done that way awkward to use personally.

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