April 2014 Quilting/Sewing Goals

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLApril 1, 2014

Wow! It's April Fools Day......anyone play a trick on you? I can remember my mom telling about my grandmother looking up at the ceiling and screaming "SPIDER" at my grandfather. Very unlike her, and, yep, she got him good! LOL My other grandmother put cotton in the biscuits at breakfast......that grandpa was a mean old buzzard and didn't appreciate it very much. I one time left the cellophane wrapping on a slice of cheese I put in DH's lunch sandwich for him to take to work. That one was funny. lol OK, back to business.

1. Border on QOV Stash Attack
2. Start putting star blocks on Love in the Mist for last border (this quilt needs completion by Sept) ..... sigh.
3. Make Lotto blocks
4. Start quilting Summer's quilt
5. Check stack of quilt tops for those needing borders
6. Play and enjoy the process

I happened on to a Block of the Day that is emailed and will leave the link......if anyone is interested. :-)

How is your month looking?


Here is a link that might be useful: Sign up for Block of the Day

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Wow, Sharon, I'm glad I'm not in your family! LOL No pranks here (as far as I know).

Some time ago I tried a crocheted fan pattern; turned out I didn't like making them (post stitches and such weren't fun) and I didn't like the way they looked. But for some reason I kept at it and made four of them. So...I sewed them into a square. Recently I finished a large granny square to use as the other side. This morning I sewed a pillow to go inside. So my first goal for April is to stuff the pillow, sew it shut, and sew the crochet cover on it. It will go to my guild's charity work.

Next up I'm planning to start making miniatures for the silent auction at our quilt show next January. I don't know how many I'll make, but I'd like to get several done in April.


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I think I am glad I am not in your family when it comes to April Fools' Day, also! DH is out of town and I am here with my dog and DS's dog so I should be safe ... I hope! I did see a cute joke, though, if you like cereal. You put a couple drops of food coloring in the bowl beneath the cereal and when you add the milk, it turns blue/or green/or red... might be fun with kids.
Also - those blocks of the day are kind of fun. Might give them a closer look!

Goals for April - Joint baby shower is the 27th, so:
1. Sandwich and quilt sailboat baby quilt for one of DS's f
2. Finish piecing and quilt "Disney princess" baby quilt
3. Lotto blocks
4. Continue working on charity quilts for church

Good luck to everyone!

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I scrapped the Sawtooth Star idea and instead started on a Windmill block pattern. I'm using plain white muslin for the background since I have a lot of it. I have 3 huge containers of strips and scraps and figured I'd make use of it. I really like lots of different colors and prints now instead of meticulously planned quilts with a specific color scheme. I have tons of fabric, but I keep going to the scrap bin lately, I've become a hoarder I guess. Fabric is so pricey and precious nowadays, I hesitate to cut into it. I need to lighten up on that, we don't live forever. I've been trying to convince myself to try my hand at Applique but it looks so tedious! I'm not talking about fused raw-edge applique, I've done quite a bit of that on my art quilts, I mean the traditional turned-under applique.

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I totally missed March due to a family vacation to Costa Rica but I plan to make up for lost time in April. I have 2 unexpected projects, due to 2 close friends having unexpected medical emergencies in the past couple weeks.

- get up to date with the Lotto blocks
- lap quilt for my college roommate who's just been diagnosed with colon cancer (still crying about this one)
- lap quilt for a co-worker recovering from brain surgery
- get started on a signature quilt for a friend who's getting married in September
- and start thinking about the Challenge Quilt for the 2014 Retreat


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Wow, I feel like a total slacker after reading what everyone else is up to. I continue to work on my puff quilt a block or two a day, over morning cuppa. It's to be a full-sized one, so there are a lot of little 3 inch pillows. I can say I find it really enjoyable, albeit a little mindless busy work type of enjoyable and that's just what I needed to yank me out of my quilting funk. I was just burnt out and this is letting me ease back into it and have some fun. Scrappy, of course. I finished block twenty five today, of sixty four and have sewn the twelve inch blocks into four foot square larger blocks and stacked them. Kitty Willie found them yesterday and has a mattress extraordinaire. I think I shall hand knot each little pillow to the tune of 1,024 pillows....right smack dab in the middle of each pouf and give them uber dimples. The New Year Mystery quilt remains on a nearby artist's stool, along with the pressed backing and the batting is rolled in a closet. I have no plans on quilting it until the puff quilt is done, and for a change no plans to start on another quilt top and work two concurrently. Gonna enjoy spring, since she is finally making an appearance. The knotting on the puff quilt I can do as I sit in the gazego when it gets warmer.

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April is shaping up to be a challenging month as far as getting too much done. My dsd is getting married in 11 days and I've been involved in the planning. It's a destination wedding, so we'll be away for several days. And my dad is declining fast, so I'm looking at another trip to Venice FL before the end of the month.
On my wish list to get done:
-Finish piecing the DWR I'm working on
-finish FMQing the placemats I started before our quilt show in March, but put aside to work at the show.
-FMQ another set of placemats to give as housewarming gift for good friend here.
-paper piece the birdhouse blocks for the special quarterly LOTTO. Love those birdhouses!

time permitting, I'd like to start a baby quilt for another friend here who's due in July. If I don't get to it I'll put it off for May. I'm going to get out my new Juki and start putting it through the paces. I have an already marked whole cloth quilt top ready to go. Since she doesn't know what she's having, and is doing the baby's room in pale greys, I thought I'd use the big spool of variegated grey Aurifil I picked up to quilt the whole cloth quilt.

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Calliope, your puff quilt sounds wonderful! Love the idea of tying each one. And of course it's a kitty mattress! Even more soft and cuddly than usual. :)

Marji, I'm sorry to hear about your dad.


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I didn't hear about any of the family getting pranked this year except for the one who said she's done with pranking. LOL I think that was her prank. :-)

Donna, Those minis for the auction intrigue me.
Sue, Looking forward to seeing the Princess quilt.
Rita, Applique is something I just had to bite the bullet and do. Turns out, I like it! Straight edges are no problem and if you have curves, it's sometimes easier to follow El Burns method. I would start with a larger object so you wouldn't get discouraged easily. Let me check my books and see if I have something you might like to borrow.
Kate, So sorry about your friends with medical issues. That stupid cancer just keeps cropping up never seems to end! At least you were able to get away and enjoy Costa Rica.
Calliope, Each person does what they want...one isn't more important than another. Your puffs are enjoyable and relaxing to you at this time.....that's what is important!
Marji, It sounds like you have a lot going on in your life right now. We're here and will listen and support you however we can. I'm sorry about your dad....Venice is far south of us, or I might have been able to check on him for you.

The border is on the Stash Attack, I looked through the quilts needing borders and piled them back up again so I think I'll play with the lotto blocks today.......brights and white!


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April will be a slow month . No major quilt plans. DGS from France will be here for two weeks. He is 16 and doesn't need babysitting but we do have to do things with him. Maybe I can get him to sew up some blocks.
I have gone through a couple of bags of scraps and i should be able to do a few more string blocks next week before he arrives.
Second eye was done on Mon. Having a few issues with it. Hopefully they are just temporary.
Hope everyone has a productive April, especially now that the snow has gone and the sun is shining.

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No pranks here either, although I did think about doing some.

My DD has gotten a day job and will be leaving her overnight job at WalMart in 2 weeks!! That means I won't have the grands 4 days/nights a week and perhaps can get more sewing done. I have a meeting with the Forrest Service to plan a quilt for their 50th anniversary in Sept, but for now my April plans are:

- finish quilting the wedding quilt
- quilt the graduation quilt
- get one more UFO finished


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Well my son pranked me a lot, so I got him back - it was great - he was sitting at his desk in his room playing on his computer with the door closed to the laundry room where my desk is at, so I yelled at him to grab a shoe that there was a spider, so he opens his door looking all serious with his tennis shoe held up in the air looking for a spider, then of course I bust out laughing and told him April Fools. I wanted to wake him up a little early for school, but he was already up and dressed when my alarm went off so did not get to pull that prank. This is what I would like to do for April:

1. cut/sew backing fabric for my parents' Card Tricks quilt
2. sandwich and safety pin baste my parents' quilt
3. finish making 12" butterfly block pattern pieces
4. start a baby quilt for my cousin's wife who is expecting
5. make plastic pattern templates for blocks for SBS quilt
6. make plastic pattern templates for blocks for Farmer' Wife quilt
7. make 2 ruffle scarves for M-I-L for Mom's Day
8. hand piece some Granny Square blocks
9. get Easter candy mailed to nephews

  1. assuming we get to it this month, put out fire ant poison and help S-I-L dig my garden to transplant to her garden

I doubt I get all of that done, but that's my list I am working on.

Best to you and yours,

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I've wanted to make a wall hanging for the screened porch for a number of years. Last fall my daughter and I designed one, pulled fabric from my stash and went to LQS to buy a print to go with all the more neutral fabrics I had. While traveling last weekend, I bought the rest of the fabric. I'd love to get a start on that, but it is a crazy month. DH's surprise 70 birthday party, medical stuff for him, working for me, cleaning out the garden and I'm co-chair for our garden walk this year and that is ramping up. April always seems crazy for me.

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Bev, my husband turns 70 this Friday. He was born on 4-4-44. A weekend of parties is coming up for him, so I suppose I won't get any quilting done. But for April, let's see...

I now have two quilt tops that need to be sandwiched and quilted. I'll get started, but there's no way they will be finished this month. I have started the cutting on my husband's quilt. I need to sew the April lotto block and the special bird house block. That's certainly enough what with yard work and boat work looming.

It sounds like everyone has plans for a busy spring. Marji and Kate, I'm so sorry about your dad and your friend. Theresa, I hope your eye gets better. Stay well, everyone.

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Theresa, How are your eyes doing now? Better I hope. Hope you girls that had your DH's birthday parties are rested up by now. :-)

Oh boy, here it is the 16th already and I haven't even had that blue star top laid out for the border stars yet! I need to get on that ASAP! Yes, I did start another top...Chiclet. Here's a picture of one.....I'm not using white for a background fabric but purple/lavender (because that's what I have), and pulling from my stack of 2 1/2" squares. I have 9 made so far and will make as many as it takes to use up the background fabric. The 3 Lotto blocks have been made and mailed to Valarie and the Stash Attack QOV was bordered and sent off to be finished in California along with the Littlest Warrior quiltlet. Have also made the center part of the Wallhanging Challenge and am stuck about a border.

Hoping Spring has finally sprung for everyone.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Sharon, eyes are good. Saw the optometrist last week and she saw no reason for the issues I was having. Thankfully, this week is much better.
I did finish up 48 string blocks before I packed it all up before DGS arrived. Then I got antsy and cut out pieces for another quilt. Might be able to do a bit of that next week.
Hope everyone has a lovely Easter holiday.

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Theresa, I'm glad to hear your eyes are doing better.

The large crocheted pillow is finished...I'll probably take it to the guild's May meeting.

First miniature top is nearly done...seeing as it's the 17th I guess I won't get several done this month, but I hope to get at least 2 done. :)


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Wow - this month is flying by!

I finished the Disney princess baby quilt - only need to add label. (I figure it's done!) I will post pictures separately.

I have the sailboat quilt almost finished - just need to finish sewing the binding and label.

I started on the lotto blocks and hope to finish them tonight.

Have not started a new charity quilt - took 2 finished ones to church on Monday.

I did go to a shop hop and got some cute RV fabric that I am making into potholders for all of our camping friends.

Now off to post the Disney stuff ... AGAIN - THANK YOU SHARON for your idea - it gave me a good jumping off spot to go with.


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I have gotten everything done on my above list except I have not yet:

6. made Farmer's Wife pattern pieces
7. made 2 ruffle scarves for M-I-L for Mom's Day

  1. dug plants with S-I-L, but we plan to do that next week

I got more done this month than I anticipated. Yay! :-)

Best to you,

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Five days to go!

1. Border on QOV Stash Attack DONE and gone to CA
2. Start putting star blocks on Love in the Mist for last border. DONE and gone to quilter.
3. Make Lotto blocks. DONE and gone to Valarie
4. Start quilting Summer's quilt. Sandwiched but not done yet.
5. Check stack of quilt tops for those needing borders
6. Play and enjoy the process DONE

Chiclet blocks are done and 17 pastel 9 1/2 inch 9-patches to go with some orphan pastel star blocks are done. Am also still cutting up scraps into squares and strips.


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I managed to finish all of my April goals and even get a little other sewing done!

I addition to my goals, I also made 2 wall hangings and one is at my house, the other a gift delivered. Two potholders made, just need to add the binding tonight. Plan to sandwich a UFO quilt and get started on it.


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Still working on the windmill quilt. The blocks are done but I decided to do some scrappy sashings around each block using the paper foundation piecing method like Bonnie Hunter does. But I'm not spending a LOT of time on it because the weather is still so beautiful and I'm trying to get as much done outside as possible before I wimp out from the heat, and it will be here soon. Still have a couple of areas I need to get the weeds cleaned out, some tiny herbs are sprouting that will need to go into the herb garden when they are big enough, etc. I want to get this project done and out of the way, though, I saw a quilt I really want to do - one of Fons & Porter's - a Wagon Wheel pattern. I'm going to wing it since they don't give out their patterns for free. They don't give anything out for free like a lot of them do.

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