Miniature Quilts Magazine

minnie_txApril 12, 2012

I saved all my copies of this wonderful magazine from around 2000-2001. Sadly today when doing a google on them I found out that they were discontinued. They are available on EBay and Amazon and other places.

I'm sure that I got the instructions from one of the magazines for the atached photo of one I did so long ago.

If I ever get back into quiling I'll make another one

Here is a link that might be useful:

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That's so pretty! It looks very intricate.

I have some miniature patterns, but mostly I just make something up in EQ and scale it to the size I want, or I just make "normal" blocks in a smaller size.


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Thanks I appreciate the compliment.

I love to look thru these magazines. I think with your EQ you can have as many Minis as you want !!

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Just lovely!
I have done three large quilts using that pattern and I loved them all. Don't know if I want to tackle a mini though.

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What a beautiful little quilt!

I don't have EQ so I just kind of guess on scaling and hope for the best. Last night I was playing with a shadow pattern and really struggled with scale. It just didn't turn out like I wanted it to.

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When I get them arranged by issue then you can ask me if a certain pattern is in a particular issue and then I can direct you to it .
I think there were 20 or so patterns in each one. As an off topic Crocheted Quilts this is an afghan I did and it looks like my miniquilt

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I love minis, but tend to just re-scale a regular block and create it myself. Or just get paper piecing papers already printed.

I like your quilts. I also know this pattern as "Lover's Knot". Eleanor Burns has a book with this pattern. I did placemats for a friend in it.

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