New REA, new offer, new beginnings (hopefully)

kellienoelleFebruary 15, 2013

To all of the kind folks who followed my original thread regarding my REA saga and talked me through my contract falling through, I thought I would provide an update. But with a new thread to signal a new beginning (hopefully- I have seen first hand how things can fall through so until I get those keys in my hand I am not going to call it FINAL).

We have a NEW REA (who was my old REA that I should have used from the start) and she has been great. The market here has been very slim pickings and when I started to stray a bit from what I originally wanted as an act of desperation, rather than just going along with it to collect her commission, she told me not to settle and rent for a bit if I needed to. When I said (in passing) that I could just add the detached garage (that was on my list of requirements) to a property, she called the city to double check and found that it may be a struggle with the historical society in getting it approved. The difference is that I felt like she was concerned about my interests and not just her paycheck.

So, we revisited a too expensive house (that is perfectly in our initial target area and had all the things that we wanted) and increased our offer. Like I told her, if I am going to overbid on any place, this is the one that I want to overbid on. In the end we decided that with such a major purchase, 10K just isn't that significant to warrant losing out. Plus my husband and I agreed on it, so won't instead be shopping for separate apartments like I thought we may have to based on where we were headed throughout this you can't put a price tag on that.

So, until our contract gets cancelled at the last minute, lightening strikes the house and burns it to the ground, or whatever other catastrophe happens, here is our new house......drum roll please .....

(its the one on the right, we'll be the littler guy in the neighborhood, lots of bigger houses all around us)

Thanks for the advice and moral support along the way.

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It's good to be the little guy in the neighborhood you won't get killed with comparables upon your departure trying to sell. It lest that's what I've learned.

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Plus it is just the two of us, so the size is absolutely great for us. We have been living in a 3000 square foot suburban house for reasons that I can't recall, maybe room for kids we never had, but this one will be perfect sized. And a hop skip and a jump (or as my new REA agent put could walk a block and spit) from houses valued at about 5x this one.

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Congratulations! I hope everything goes smoothly now. I'm sure it will be smoother as your realtor seems like a good one and will have your backs.

Make sure you recommend her to anybody that may need a realtor and write a review online too on any of the review sites, since realtors depend on referrals etc. Since repeat customers can go a long way in between.

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Care to share her name... the REA???

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Oh kitykat, I apologize, I meant to email you her information but my head was spinning with all that was going on, and I forgot. But I think I can post it here without her minding (especially since I have been singing her praises). If any of you in the real estate business think this is inappropriate, please let me know and I will edit it out. I obviously will not be publically sharing the contact information on the people I was unhappy with.

Her name is Twyla Rist, here is a link to her website. I recommend her with absolutely no reservations. And as I recall, you were interested in Johnson County. This is where she focuses, and why I didn't initially use her as a buyers agent (my huge mistake) since I was looking more on the Missouri side in the Plaza/Brookside area.

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Wow, that was fast! For having low inventory I'm impressed at how quickly you found something suitable after the last ordeal.

Good luck on a smooth closing!

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Thanks so much! I have heard her name and will call. Good luck with the Brookside offer. Such a terrific neighborhood. We love shopping at the Cosentino's market... some unique offerings. And then there's the Art Fair... gorgeous homes... the 5&Dime... Best Wishes!

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Thanks! I am really really excited. I am looking so forward to living in the neighborhood, a half a mile to Brookside, 2 miles to the Plaza, half a mile to Loose Park. My idea of paradise. Plus the 7 minute commute sounds a lot better than 45 minutes!

Regarding the quick turnaround, my mom thinks that this was all fated to work out this way since this is the location that I was originally targeting! Plus she knew that I had some concerns about the layout of the other house and felt like I probably settled more than I probably should have in the interest of keeping the peace in the ole' marriage (plus she didn't care for the other house much either).This house is also one that we put an offer in on Monday but they didn't counter much so we thought it was out of reach. We decided to increase our offer so as not to let it get away from us. I am financially conservative almost to a fault, so I realized that I was being silly to not be willing to pay for the RIGHT house. I think it equals in increase in monthly payment of about $15. Shoot, I'll save more than that in gas money.

Now if you need me, you'll find me in the Home Decorating forum ;)

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I am so happy for you! I hope it all works out with no last-minute kinks. It is a beautiful house!! Yay! I like it when things work out for the good guys.

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We will keep our fingers crossed until closing, because unfortunately, anything can happen between now and then.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst?

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