New Porch - help me decide, roof white or wood stain?

mom2sethcMay 18, 2009


We just added this new porch/outside room addition onto our home. We are trying to decide if we want to paint the roof interior white or do a wood stain. What would you do and why? My style is cottage/beach (even though I am miles from the ocean!, anyway we do plan to hang an island style ceiling fan) The roof is nice tongue and grove, it isn't plywood. Here are some pics:


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Personally, I would do a light stain. If you seal it well, then you may not ever have to touch it again.

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I would either stain (1st choice) or paint blue (not what you asked for :O)!

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Down here we paint our porch ceilings blue. BM Cumulus Cotton is one that we use, it's a nice pale blue. I even painted my LR/DR ceiling that color.

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I would stain the wood ceiling. This is a picture of my previous home in Wisconsin, a 80 year old bungalow, which has the original stained tongue and groove ceiling. The roof soffits were also stained tongue and groove wood.

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If you're going to add any other wood trim in the area or around the steps, I'd probably stain it. Otherwise, I'd paint it.

Painting will be much easier and less messy during application than stain will.

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My house built in 1924. I have a Craftsman Bungalow. My house is white with a green teal trim (maybe one day I will change it - the trim is not my fave reminds me of the old Kmart sign) The previous owners chose the color. The front porch is a integral part of my house. My ceiling is wood tongue and groove - a Walnut Stain and its "All That" to me anyway. I would never paint it any other color. And I am the Crayola Kid, I love Color. The wood stain offer's character to the white exterior. I will never paint my porch ceiling.

*** to Threedgrad .. I Love Your Old Porch it is Sweet :)

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We just decided to put stained v-groove on our porch ceiling. I'd never seen it before. DH is in the construction business and says most of the new homes he's working in are using the stained v-groove. It's what we have in our den but I'd never seen it on a porch. I think I'm gonna love it :) Here's our den ceiling.

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Thanks everyone...our only concern with staining is that we have so many rafters. We're not sure we'll get a really good look if we stain since we can't do anything with the rafters.


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Wow, very nice! My first thought was stain. If you painted how often would if need redone? I honestly don't know the answer to that! I think it would look good either way. If I were to paint, I think I'd use a cream/white color to match the trim or maybe a gray/blue.

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I would stain it b/c white shows every spider web & dirt dobbers nest!! With the stain it just kinda blends in.....I am always thinking with dirt in mind when I make my decisions:)

And your new porch is beautiful!


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We used a sky blue on the open porches, but white on the screened porch. All ceilings are tongue & groove.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I'd go with painted since you like the cottage/beach style. I have similar tastes and both my T&G porches are white. Use a good outdoor paint and you won't have to paint them over and over. In 19 years I've only painted mine once since the initial painting and they both look great. Also, your ceiling looks protected from the elements so that will help, too. I'm considering painting the front porch ceiling a light blue just because I like the look but I've heard many southerners say it keeps the wasps away, if that is a concern.

As for bugs and stuff, I'm one who would rather see the buggers and sweep them off with a broom or shop vac than know they are up there, hanging around. Creeps me out. lol!


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Nothing is prettier than a painted porch ceiling! Even better are the old fashioned blue-gray wood floors on porches. Those were the days!

I vote paint. Either a very light bluish gray or white. LOL, Scooby about the spiders and stuff. We've always had a white ceiling on our porch and the good thing is you can see the creepy crawlies and zap them!

But our pest control man comes out every three months and sweeps the porch and patio roofs for me. :)

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I think it would look beautiful with a dark stain.

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I would paint it white. Natal, I love yours.

I would much rather see the fang-ed spidies before they see me! BTW, just a little trivia for you: Human bites are always fatal to spiders. :o)

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My vote is blue, also. That way, when you look up from your doorway or window, you will think you are looking at the sky, instead of a dark ceiling.

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I love the covered porch, I would paint or stain it white and my second choice would be a weathered grey.

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