Lenova Sink Experiences?

CollagePaintMarch 10, 2012

Does anyone have experience, good or bad, with Lenova stainless steel sinks? We need an odd size, and Lenova offers what seems to be a good price (16 gauge) based on our drawing.

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Bump...We are considering a Lenova with the permaclean drain (drain built into the sink, so no seam in the sink when attaching a garbage disposal or strainer/drain pipe). Anyone out there have one?????

Checked them out yesterday at a local plumbing supply store. The manager (may have been the owner) raved about Lenova quality and price. He priced a two-bowl Lenova at about $750 and a similar Elkay at $1,250. Said he has installed 'a few' and had no complaints. I specifically asked about how well a garbage disposal holds in place and, again, he had not gotten any reports of problems.

He told us Lenova has been around for a long time. He claimed that a couple of years ago he saw the permaclean technology that was developed by a company now called the Seamless Sink company and told his Lenova rep about it. That led to Lenova buying the technology and introducing some models using it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lenova PermaClean sinks

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Bumping one more time...
Anyone with have any experience with Lenova brand stainless sinks?

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Sorry, can't help. We swallowed hard and ended up going with the Elkay. We decided they had a better seamless drain system, although it looks very suspicious that they stole the general idea from the seamless drain guy, which is bs. It would have been helpful if there had been more (any?) posts about the Lenovo. We also ran out of time to get it custom made.

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