Has anyone used wallpaper that looks like tile?

folkvictorianMay 27, 2009

We're re-doing our kitchen on a shoestring and as much as I'd love to have tiny glass tiles on our backsplash walls, we can't afford the hundreds of dollars it would cost.

When I was looking into mosaic glass tile on Ebay, I came across a wallpaper that looks like the tile and it's "puffy" and shaded so it seems to have a little depth to it. It's washable but doesn't say 100% vinyl. I've requested a sample.

Has anyone used tile wallpaper and if so, were you pleased with the results?

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Yes and it looks very nice but you are not going to fool your friends with it but I think it can look much better than tile and you can take it down when you are tired of it. Of course you can do that with tile too but if you think taking wallpaper down is a problem, try taking down tile. I had wallpaper that looked like French tiles with a little French print a la gingham look on the walls, years ago and it was very, very attractive and yes, the puffy is the kind you want but you want to be sure the paperhanger has hung that kind before as it can be a bit tricky smoothing it out so as not to loose the "puffy."

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Very interesting! Do you have a link to this paper?

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Hi, Newhomebuilder -- if you go to Ebay and type "mosaic tile wallpaper" you should get some results. The one I've requested a sample of is cream with gold grout. I should have the sample in a day or two and will add a comment here.

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OK, I received the sample paper today! I've taken a couple of photos of it so hopefully you'll get an idea of what it's like.

Yes, it's puffy, but it's just the tiniest bit, and it's not as though the "tiles" are raised and the "grout" is low (the way I was hoping it'd be when I read that it was puffy.) The whole paper is just a bit thick and then little tiny divots are pressed into it, much like on a vinyl floor, so that not every single flaw shows up. I can mark it with the edge of a fingernail but it seems to puff back a little, so it's forgiving.

I put a quarter in the photo so you can judge the size of the tiles. It seems to be all vinyl and I was able to Windex it and wipe it with a paper towel, the same way I'd clean it if it was on my backsplash.

The sample I requested is an off-white/cream color with gold "grout" and I really like it. The grout is shinier than the tile and some of the tiles are slightly darker in color, so it looks a bit like real mosaic where not every single tile is exactly flat. Will it fool anyone? Naw, but we're working on our old farmhouse kitchen, not the Taj Mahal :)

If we use it, I'll post a few photos of my humble kitchen!

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That is similar to an anaglypta. You can do fantastic backsplash with this, one that I had for many years with anglypta. Make sure whoever does your wallpaper is very good and knows how to do this or they will ruin it. It must be pasted on with a good wheat paste. Do NOT use a smoothing roller to remove the wrinkles. Lightly move with your hands back and forth but use a brush smoother for the seams. You can overlap this a little as the Brits (all Europeans, I guess) do with their wallpaper so that you do not have depressed areas so that you will not lose your relief pattern.

Then paint it with a soft brush or sponge. Don't bear down when painting. Give it 2-3 coats lighter than what you want. Then go over it with a glaze in a medium woodhue. Be very particular that you use a water-base glaze for this (a wood stain color in a very, very light wood, like an oak or a pale pine stain) and do wipe it on ever so gently with gauze for that purpose. When it has dried well after 2-3 days burnish it with the finest grade steel wool that you buy at a paint store. IT will be very impressive and will look like it cost a million bucks, not just a million manhours to get it that way!!!!

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Wait! Wait! Patricia43 -- why would I paint over my wallpaper? I Googled "anaglypta" and it seems to be a thick, embossed white wallpaper that can be painted or finished. But the stuff I'm thinking about buying (above) is already finished and is the color I want. I'm confused!

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If that is the way you like it, then I would keep it that way.

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Folkvictorian: I think Patricia was giving general directions for painting anaglypta wall paper. Yours obviously doesn't need anything but hanging.

Does the wall paper have a brand name?

I think this is a great idea, and I'm going to look into it myself.

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Hi, Andee, unfortunately, the sample I received had no manufacturer's information on it. The return address label on the envelope is from All 4 Walls Wallpaper, Taylorsville, KY 40071.

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well and it looks very nice.Glass Mosaic tiles are impervious to the elements, thus it is great for both interior and exterior use so moisture is not an issue. Stone Glass Mosaic are great on floors and walls and have been most popular in bathrooms, spas, kitchen backsplash, wall facades and pools as well as a variety of other applications.

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I used "beadboard" wallpaper in our kitchen and it turned out well - I am a wallpaper novice so there are some seams not 100% perfect but until you look really closely you can't tell it is not real. I imagine the same is true for the tile type!

It was very cheap and took 1 day to do, and if and when we want to put in tile it is easy to remove this.

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I guess it's just me, but your sample "tiles" look crooked. A really mosaic would not look like this.
Is is my monitor, or are they supposed to be uneven?

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this is an old thread from 2009 that likely a bot revived- it's not current.

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After I got all intrigued, I saw it was from 2009. I wish folkvictorian would come back and let us know if she ended up using it. I did google "mosaic tile wallpaper" and it is very expensive - 2ft x 10ft is $90. I would like to do something like this above my cooktop area (the prev.owners wallpapered above there and then put a sheet of plexiglass over it with those little thingy's you hang mirrors with - ugh - it has to go soon.

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