How long to let painted pantry shelves cure?

laxfanmomMarch 16, 2011

I think that my painter has finally finished the last coat of paint on my 3 kitchen closets full of shelves. Can anyone tell me how long to wait before loading up the shelves with all my stuff? Thanks!

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I heard it takes 2 weeks to cure. You may get away with light cereal boxes and such at the 1 week point, but I'd avoid putting cans or anything heavy on them for the full 2 weeks.

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Dianalo may be right about the week, but I wouldn't. Leave them be as long as you possibly can. Call it a month. Then it won't seem that bad when you finally give in. :)

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Even when the paint seems dry, it's still not ready for heavy items. If the weather is cold or humid, the drying and curing process takes even longer. Minimum two weeks, but I too would wait a month.

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For cleaning purposes the BM dealer told me that it is one month. He said that the curing , as others stated, requires complete drying past what you note on the surface. Better to wait then to have a mess to remove and repaint them later. c

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What kind of paint did he use?

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I believe that they used latex semi-gloss BM paint. I am totally bummed to not be able to put everything away. I'm so ready to have my house back to normal again!

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If they used latex, it should dry faster than oil based.
I'd also put a fan in the doorway blowing out and always leave the door open. Air flow will help.

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collins design

I used BM Aura semi-gloss on my just-completed pantry shelves, 2 coats over primer, and I only let it cure about 5 days before loading up my shelves. So far I don't see any issues: nothing is sticking, no dents, etc. I will say I'm being kind of careful how I set heavier items like cans down... AND that cans sometimes leave a grey mark (which they do on fully cured paint, too! I'm thinking of putting liners in the can cupboards.) But otherwise, no problems after 5 days :) I lived with chaos for so long I REALLY wanted to get those items in the cabinets. It feels soooo good to open up a door and see everything lined up nicely in it's proper place!

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My son works for BM. I just txted him and he said 10 days to fully cure.

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