Anyone quilting this (Easter) weekend?

lindaoh_gwApril 6, 2012

We will have a quiet weekend. Our kids are not coming home for Easter this year and my machine is still in the repair shop for cleaning. I do have other machines so I have been doing some machine embroidery while it is gone. I made some Easter dish towels this week.

Are you spending time with family or are you quilting this weekend?

Linda OH

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Hubby is off tomorrow but I don't think he has any plans that involve me! :) I'm planning to sew tomorrow; Sunday will be taken up with many church services then a family gathering in the afternoon.

Monday is a holiday for us, so sewing is planned for that day, too, though I really should do some cleaning.


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I doubt if I will get a change to sew. I try to fit 15 mins of sewing in a day - failed miserably this week~~so I deserve about 4 hours of Take Me Away Calgon time with my machine - or even my rotary cutter ~lol.

We have a short window of time in the spring to get a lot of of tasks done - yard - house - boat....these do not include sewing (except for the boat), but I am at the end of the deadline to decide which quilts to enter into our Guild Quilt Show - so I have to fill out the paper work and send it this weekend.

We will be having Easter dinner at my Son's - who is a fabulous cook!

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I had the blood drive last Monday, the Easter Egg thingie in the park Saturday (which I will never volunteer for again) a funeral Wednesday and our family Easter tomorrow.

It is 59 and gloomy today perfect to finish pulling weeds BUT I plan to go grocery shoping and spend at least 2 hours on my red & white.

I have posted plenty about how much starch I use and I always wash the quilt after I bind it. I took the top over to my mother's and she said boy that fabric is stiff lol!!!

Marsh I wish I had that problem lol - I am still looking for quilty friends here - I know they are somewhere!!!

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I've had a wild couple of weeks. I had a sick dog that I thought I had to put down. She is doing better, but we will see. The whole thing wiped me out because it was very emotional for me. There was also an extreme drama going on that I can't discuss. Then my 26 year old son got sick and I spent two full days in hospital with him- yesterday and the day before. I'm not that well to begin with myself, so I'm exhausted! lol. Today I'm going to recuperate and putter around with Easter dinner stuff. I'm sure I won't get to my sewing machine until Monday.

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Our week-end will also be a quiet one, so yes, I'll be doing some kind of sewing. We usually go an hour south to DD's in-laws, but with DH laid up with his knee/leg, we're taking it easy this year and staying home. I'm working on getting the Tie quilt sandwiched. It's so heavy I thought I could get away without a batting of sorts, but just didn't seem right, so am using a lightweight flannel. I have that and the backing rolled together, now to get the tie top on it and pinned....may not work on it anymore today as it hurts my back. Been working on hand quilting a wallhanging....a little at a time. I keep wanting to start something new, but have suppressed it so far!


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I'm hoping to get some sewing done but it will be a busy weekend. I have just a tiny bit of beadwork to finish on one mini quilt and the beadwork to start on the second mini. I can do both of those while watching tv with DH. I want to put in some more time on the picnic quilt or I won't have it next weekend when I want it.

I'm working on ideas for the quilt guild show too, like Marsha, but I have more time to come up with my 3 to enter. I about fell out of my chair last Monday when they told us they expect 3 quilts from every guild member! I wasn't sure I was going to do even one.

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I had a cortisone injection in my thumb on Wed and it is still very sore so I probably won't get any cutting or sewing done this weekend :( I have a few commitments I need to get to but will have to take it day to day.

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Sunday will be busy with Easter dinner with the family. Saturday DH wants to go to the County Fair and hang out. (He loves the fair.) So I doubt if I'll get to any at all. I did make the dessert today - Hummingbird Cake - my favorite!! It tastes better when you make it a couple of days ahead. I don't care about anything else we're having for dinner, just can't wait for the cake! It's in my fridge right now and will be torturing me all the way until Sunday!! (But I did get a few licks of the frosting bowl and knife - yum!!!)

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I doubt that I will be sewing. I sure wish that I had some hand work sewing to just pick up while TV is on. I have cooking to do for a small family gathering here.

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I hope to squeeze in some sewing tomorrow night (Saturday), but my first goal is to get some eggs colored. Sunday is going to be a quiet one here at the house, and the only part I have in our Easter meal is making the deviled eggs, so I'm hoping to spend a few hours with my machine.
Happy Easter Everyone!

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At some point early tomorrow I need to shop Easter basket stuff for the kids. But other than that, there's not much happening this weekend.

This past week I've finished 3 pp kimono blocks for our guild's president's quilt, and finished 3 New York Beauty blocks to finish the main top from last week's workshop. I hope to get borders on that tonight/tomorrow. Today I also trapunto'd (we'll pretend that's a word!) a Valentine's wallhanging and cut for binding. Maybe I can get that bound.

I have 4 other quilts ready to be quilted. I have told myself I have to quilt those before I can start anything new. So I guess I'd better get busy!! Maybe at least one of those can get done...

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I am not quilting this weekend. I just finished a Queen size quilt last week so am taking a break. We had our Easter with the families last weekend. I plan on working in the yard weather permitting tomorrow.

I tried to post a picture but have forgotten how. I have the picture in photo bucket and may have clicked on the wrong URL for this site. Can you tell me how to post a picture?

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Sounds like everyone has full schedules!

The weather if perfect and I would love to be out gardening, but it is two of my kids birthday today (37 and 36) so all four kids will be here for dinner tonight. And tomorrow it will be us 6 and 3 guests. Just made a raspberry cheesecake for tomorrow, grated the cheese for scalloped potatoes, cleaned asparagus for tonight and cooked up some fresh beets for tonight. Now to make corn casserole for tomorrow, oh yeah, and start cleaning as some point. The two non-birthday children (LOL, 30 and 31) are making the birthday cake for their siblings. Wish they would make it at their house instead of heading over here to mess my kitchen. LOL I'll rope them into cleaning if they come early enough. Dan would say.

As to quilting, I had to order two feet for my new machine before I can quilt the two tops I've made. Hopefully I will get those next week and can finish. I'm itching to start something Dan's mystery quilt...before it is no long a mystery. LOL

Kate, that's one of the reasons I don't join a quild, I don't want anyone else telling me I have to do something. LOL

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No sewing this weekend. Between Church services and company for dinner tomorrow, there was no real time. But just wait until Monday!

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Loralee, use the html code in photobucket.

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Well I am trying to get a bit of hand quilting in. I headed to my cottage after church yesterday and came home this afternoon. Got some quilting in while watching tv last night and did a bit more this morning. Church tomorrow and I'm hosting Easter Dinner tomorrow. I'm hoping to fnd a bit of sewing time tomorrow evening. River girl, I love your idea of aiming for 15 minutes of sewing each day. I just finished telling myself that even if I could only find 5 or 10 minutes each day to quilt, by the end of the week it would have really added up. This quilt has been on the go a long time, one of those "in-and-out-of-the-closet" projects! It's actually the first quilt that I made so it would be great to finally get it on a bed!

Happy Easter.

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I finished a mini that I was making and as always working on SBQ. I see lite at the end of the tunnel on that. Only 11 more blocks to quilt and then to the border. Plan that for vacation at the end of the month.
I would post some pictures but can seem to down load them to photo-bucket for some reason. I don't like the new format or I just don't understand.

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I doubt if I'll get sewing done over the weekend. But, I am cleaning up my sewing room and sorting patterns and fabric. Have a huge bag of scraps going out and a load of odds and ends going to the thrift store. I may get a redwork pattern traced onto fabric but doubt if I get more done than what I'll be doing inside my head. Happy Easter to all of you.

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Stayed up late watching a movie and finished the 2nd mini quilt. I'm having so much fun doing these little quilts I don't want to do anything else! Both of the finished ones have beadwork so they took a while to complete.


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I didn't get to do any quilting yesterday, but I did finish up the mystery quilt with the seeds-n-stitches group, so that counts, right? If any of you would like to take a look at it, just click below. I made it so it's pretty quick, easy, and versatile, I believe.
I've already had my morning coffee, and all I have to do for lunch is make the devilled eggs, which are already boiled and peeled (YAY for me!), so I think I'll sit down and do some sewing once I get off of the ol' 'puter.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dan's Mystery Quilt

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I finished off the 63rd and last Jewel Box block on Saturday, sewed the last strip into the quilt top and put the top away to sandwich later. Then tore down my daughters big wooden quilt frame to give back to her and folded up another top I had on it, to finish by hoop next. I was almost done with it, but got side-tracked with the Jewel Box top.

Yesterday was cooking for a family Easter feast here at the big old house. I was thinking how many Easter meals had been cooked here in the last 190 some years and I imagine a lot. I thank God I'm young and able enough to cook for a big family yet, I don't take that for granted.

Arthritis is still bad in right thumb or I'd be digging the hoop out and finishing up the star quilt.

The panels for the scrappy jewel box I made when from one of the lotto block choices

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Love it! The colours just seem to dance right across the quilt. Great job!

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I love this pattern. I did one for my daughter in jewel tones, her choice, but I like it just as much in pastels or as a scrappy quilt. Maybe I had better do another.
I had planned to get to the machine today but am worn out from the long Church weekend and then company yesterday and the cleanup today. Hopefully this week.

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Calliope, your quilt is beautiful. That is one of my favorite block patterns.
Linda OH

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I think your Jewel Box Quilt turned out beautiful. I am hoping to start one later this year as a scrap quilt - love the pattern.

Best to you,

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Absolutely gorgeous Calliope!
And even though it's scrappy, there are enough burgundy pieces in the quilt to pick up the color of your carpet.

A job well done!


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Beautiful!!! How did you keep from getting too bored?-- That's alot of the same block to make :) It looks right at home on that bed.

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Calliope, your jewel box came out so pretty! I like it in the pastels.


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This quilt shall end up on an old Victorian iron bedstead. The pattern is Roberta's Jewels and it's the September Lotto block, also done in scrappy. If anyone wants an idea on what that jackpot shall look like if they win it, you got an idea. Now I have to make three more of them to enter into the September lotto.

This particular jewel block really amounts to four Buckeye Beauty blocks, and the next one I'll make is off that pattern instead so I don't have to work with two inch pieces. It'll make the design four times as large, but I'm more than OK with that. No Marsha, it wasn't boring at all. I think I enjoyed making this block more than any I can think of. I just paced myself to one or two a day. I thought Kate's choice of blocks this year were just perfect and I've enjoyed all of them so far.

Thanks for the compliments, guys. It's not the best work in the world, but will work for its intended use. If you have leaders and enders, this is the one to use it on! It's also a perfect venue for strip quilting method. I promise you it eats up scrap better than any quilt I ever made. I emptied out half a big plastic bin of material on this one too large to toss and too small to use on a lot of other things.

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