Sewing Machine Gods, Quilting Godesses, phases of the Moon

calliopeApril 6, 2013

AAAAACK! Yesterday the sewing machine and I were one and inspired...........seams flew in like a song and I coulda knocked out the last quarter of FMQ my current project at one sitting. But, I had to do my marketing, and errands, and work in the greenhouse.

This morning, I had a good night's sleep. No agendas outside the sewing room, and sat down to do the last four sixteen inch block sections of the current project.

I've been at it over an hour now. Broke one needle, had to stop and fill another bobbin, the screw failed holding the needle assembly to the machine and I had to find another and replace it. Had to take the darning foot off. Had to fiddle with the tensions four or five times. Had to rip out two lengths of stitching. I even ran out of quilt sandwiches to test drive the stitches and make more. I am stopping now to have a cup of tea and adjust my mental center.

I've come to the conclusion that one cannot budget their time when it comes to quilting. It just is what it is and there is a force greater than you, unseen and lurking and probably laughing.

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So true! And the gremlins that cause me to go through a stage of breaking, dropping, and losing things in my house are related to the gods and goddesses of the sewing room.

Go outside and dig in the dirt or something!


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...there is a force greater than you, unseen and lurking and probably laughing....
---------------------------------------------------------------------- -------
I have seen those Sewing Machine Gods in action too often not to be a believer.
Thanks for the chuckle!


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And they arrive when we are least prepared for them.

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they arrive when we have the least amount of time to deal with them! I've seen it!

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Those Evil Gods made a visit to me this week! Grrrrrrr.......they forced me do something stupid!stupid!stupid! I'm still looking for the teeney tiny screw for the bobbin case, even after I bought a replacement bobbin case for $49.99. I know I have a spare bobbin case somewhere in a 'safe place'. It's been a rough week :)

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My sewing gremlin hides in my sewing room (and has a cousin who lives in the kitchen) and has so much fun hiding and loosing things that we are almost friends because we have known each other for so long.

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Great morning giggle ladies. I'm a bit afraid to touch my machine now though ;-)

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Well, I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one who has a quilting day from hades. I discovered what the problem was. You know how spools of thread have that little slit in them to hold down the edge of the thread when they're new? Well, sometimes when you try to break the thread loose to start it, you open it up into a gap. I always try to remember to place that edge up, and not down at the bottom of the end off which the thread feeds into the machine. I didn't when I replaced the spool of thread. Then I got to wondering why it wasn't an issue yesterday, but was today. It's because there is a lip at both top and bottom of the spool and when the thread is getting low, it drags the thread strand over this lip. This morning, when the feed would seem to catch, and the stiches were not even, it was that strand of thread getting caught in the slit in the spool. It yanked hard enough to break a needle. I simply turned the spool over and all was back to normal. sigh.

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Today my bread didn't turn out well and I burned up a pot holder in the of my really good thick pot holders. Do I dare continue to make quilt blocks or cut out another smock???


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It should all be so easy!
I was doing some piecing this week and had the 1/4 in. ft. with flange on. Fabric was not feeding properly and I was getting mighty annoyed. Checked the threading, the bobbin and anything else I could think of. Then I decided to change the foot to a regular one. Problem solved. Now I have to remember that i cannot piece with that foot on. There seems to be a little projection underneath that interferes with the feed. Seems to defeat the purpose of the flange but there it is.

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FlamingO in AR

I had an afternoon like that last week, too. The bobbin thread was pulling up when I sewed and I couldn't raw edge applique at all, grrr. Tried so many different things- tension, new needle, different thread, etc but finally figured out that a tiny, TINY piece of thread was caught in the bobbin case, right where the thread on the bobbin comes thru that little slit, it was trapped in there and was messing everything up! There's 2 hours I won't get back! You can soothe yourself with tea, I went straight to WINE! LOL

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Hahaha. I don't know why I'm laughing. I think its that high hysterical laugh when somethings really not funny but you might as well laugh as cry. I really hate when that stuff happens!

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