Please Help! Need to Pick Trim Paint Color by 11am EST Today!!

bellajourneyMay 23, 2011

Hi everyone!

We placed our American Pride paint order (color matched to Ben Moore colors) and it is all set to be shipped out today, when hubby decided at the last minute that we should buy the trim paint now instead of later as originally planned. ARGH! So now, I need to choose the trim paint color by 11:00am EST today so they can mix it up and load it on the truck!

I'd like to use the same shade of white for simplicity's sake (unless someone thinks that it's a really bad idea).

Our colors are all pastel, and the floors are Red Oak with a clear finish:


Entry foyer/hallways - Antiquity OC-107 (Off White Color Collection) - pale buttery yellow

Kitchen - Fernwood Green 2145-40 (Color Preview) - pale sage

Great Room - Woodmont Cream 204 (Classic Color) - cream

Dining Room - Hush AF-95 (Affinity Color) - I guess you'd call it a neutral beige


Hallways - Antiquity OC-107 (Off White Color Collection) - pale buttery yellow

Bedroom 1 - Whispering Spring 2136-70 (Color Preview) - pale blue/green

Bedroom 2 - Feather Down OC-6 (Off White Color Collection)& Mascarpone AF-20 (Affinity Color) - cream & very light off white

Bedroom 3 - Edgecomb Gray HC-173 (Historic Color) - not sure how to describe - a pale griege?

Bath 1 - Beacon Gray 2128-60 (Color Preview) - pale blueish/purple

Bath 2 - Par Four 470 (Classic Color) - pale green/gray

I'll try to add pics too.

So, my questions are:

1) What Ben Moore shade of white trim color would you recommend? Can I use the same color for the whole house?

2) What sheen should the trim paint be? Semi gloss? High gloss?

3) We will be painting the doors too. Should they be the same color and sheen as the trim paint?

4) The dining room will be 2 toned. Hush on top, and we didn't pick the bottom wainscoting color (which I'd like to be some kind of shade of white too) - any suggestions there?

5) I didn't pick the kitchen cabinet color yet. It will also be a shade of white. If we stick with the Ikea Adel doors that we ordered, it will be Cloud White, and if we go custom - then I need to choose that color too and am not sure if the cabinet white and trim white should be the same.


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I think linen white would be safest and if that is what your ceiling is also makes sense. Antique would be too pink and navajo too beige. Linen has some character but not too much of a certain hue. Other whites may be or read very white unless you want a really white look to contrast which I think you could still get with linen.

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We have BM White Dove. It reads as white but is not glaring. I love it. We have had pure white in other homes but I like this much better. Yes, you can use the same trim color throughout the house. Ours is a semi gloss or satin.

Our kitchen cabinets are linen white. It is definitely more of a cream color.

I really think that White Dove is a safe bet.

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I used BM Simply White for trim and ceilings throughout my very colorful house and am very happy with the result. It's not a stark white, but it's also not as yellow-tinted as Linen White and so might be better with your cool-toned colors. I used it as trim with a couple of BM's OC off-whites, with a Wedgwood blue, with a sky blue, with a grassy green, and with a bright persimmon.

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Thank you paige16 and dawnp for your replies!!

paige16 - Uh oh - is the trim paint supposed to match the ceiling paint? We just bought American Pride's regular white "ceiling paint" for the ceilings and didn't ask for it to be matched to any particular color. Eeek. Is that going to be a major problem? Linen White is a great color, thank you for the suggestion! But I'm concerned that it might be too close in color to some of our wall colors (like the woodmont cream and mascarpone). I'd like the wall color and trim color to have some contrast.

dawnp - I'll check out White Dove in the fan deck. Thank you!

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carinr - Thank you for your suggestion! I will check out Simply White too!

Have I committed a terrible paint color sin by getting regular ceiling paint, that is not matched to the trim color? I wonder if I can still get it tinted...but I think they already packed it...sigh.

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Our ceilings are a very light off white.

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bella, some folks have ceilings match trim, some have it match walls, some pick an accent color, and some just use ceiling white. You've got enough to stress over without thinking white ceilings are a sin! ;)

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Thanks, jessicaml! :)

I've got a mini extension on the decision (till noon). I ran around the house with swatches in hand. Most of our house gets northern light, so the Simply White looked terrific - like a nice, crisp, true white. The other whites looked too gray or had a bluish tint.

Super White actually looked best in 2 of our south facing rooms and made the colors pop:
Bedroom 2 - Feather Down OC-6 (Off White Color Collection)& Mascarpone AF-20 (Affinity Color) - cream & very light off white
Bath 1 - Beacon Gray 2128-60 (Color Preview) - pale blueish/purple

Would it be weird to have a bedroom and bathroom with a different white trim paint than the rest of the house? Wait - but the door colors should match I assume - I guess we should stick with one color for everything...

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Why not just tell DH you need more time in order to make the 'correct' decision. It's not worth the stress to rush around making this decision.

Or, just buy the paint locally at BM. Don't they carry an eco-friendly line of paint?

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It makes life a lot easier if you have all your trim and doors the same color, IMO. I like Atrium White and Decorators White. I do not like Linen White -- depending on your wall color, it can look dingy. I have China White in a couple of rooms in my house, but it can look gray.

We redid our beach house last year and painted every trim (and door) Decorators White and I love it.

Your trim and ceilings do not have to be the same color.

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annz - Thanks for your reply! Ideally I'd like more time to choose. I took Forever to pick the wall colors, and drove DH up a wall (I'm surprised we're still married - ha ha!). This is my way of sort of making it up to him, lol. Although Benjamin Moore has some no voc paints that we can get locally, we choose American Pride b/c it's supposed to be non toxic (we have a baby and are renovating the entire house - which we've yet to move into, so I'm trying to be as green and non toxic as possible).

sueb20 - Thank you for your suggestions! Yes, I agree that we should paint the doors and trim the same color. (Thanks for setting me straight!) And, thank goodness that the ceiling doesn't need to match the trim exactly. Atrium White and Decorators White are very pretty, but the lighting in our home was not doing them justice.

And so, the winner is - Simply White! It looks white, without any gray or blue tint to it. And I like how it has a touch of warmth - as most of our colors are warm, and we have a lot of northern light. It's not my favorite white for our one Beacon Gray bathroom, but it will still look nice. As for the bedroom that will have Mascarpone on the bottom - I'm still a little concerned there b/c Simply White is very close in color and doesn't "pop" like a cooler white would, but hopefully the semi gloss sheen will help with the contrast a bit. We'll see...

Overall though, I think Simply White will work really great in our home, and I'm excited to see everything painted!

Thank you all again for your replies! You're the best!! :)

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I think you'll be very happy with Simply White. It's my favorite BM white-white. Congrats on getting through the decision process! :)

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Years ago I had different white trims in different rooms. It was really insane when it came time to touch up. I now have one ( can't remember the name but it is white white white maybe super white?BM) in the kitchen trim and a softer one for the rest of the house.
and I am happy about it.:)

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