Sarah CroninMarch 26, 2013

My peacock green granite got installed today. Do y'all have any ideas for something that pulls the blue-green of the granite out more? I have slate floors. I'm looking for something around $10-15/ sq. ft. I've looked some on Houzz, but just haven't seen much that caught my eye.

I found a celery green subway tile that I like, and I really like the mosaic (which I'd use as a border...I know some of you aren't fond of that, but I like it).

I'm just curious what ideas you have.


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Hard to tell on my monitor if the green subway is the right color. If it is, then go for it. But, if you are saying it is celery and your peacock is blue green, why not pick a light blue green subway?

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I don't think the green subway will look good with your cabinets. Your cabs are very orange and I personally wouldn't like it.

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If I were doing it, I think I'd look at something in the tan tones of your mosaic. Remembering that it's always hard to tell from photos, it looks to me like the celery subway actually mutes the blue-green and the tan accents it. Weird, I know, but that's what it looks like from here. Also, when you go look for more samples, be sure to bring some home that aren't subway size, maybe some squares. When you step back so you can see your floor too, you'll be able to see what shape is better. It may be the subway, but maybe not.

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I agree with Suzanne. The tan may actually set off your counter better than the celery. We have Butterfly blue, which is fairly similar to Peacock Green, only the pieces are blue instead of green. From far away the counter reads close to black. We had actually been leaning towards slate, so you may be able to find something to tie in with your floors too! It took me 3 years to find the perfect BS. I love my mosaic, it has rippled glass, frosted glass and some black marble. The blue glass is exactly the shades of blue in my counter, and I think when you're standing at the counter, it really brings the blue out.

One of the slates we had considered, I think it would go with your counter too...

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What gave you decided? I personally LOVE green and medium brown together. Your cabinets look like a lovely saddle brown. If the tile looks good with your counter and your wood than it will look good. There is no pattern to fight. Regarding the mosaic, I can't really tell what colors are in the sample, so I have no opinion. Also I don't know how the boarder would be worked. But I am excited to see what you come up with .

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This is one of my favorite backsplashes ever, and it was done with Verde Peacock Granite.

Unfortunately, no one knows what the backsplash is - I even contacted the website and they don't know either. But it is lovely and would definitely highlight the green!

Also, check out Fireclay Tile and Bedrock Industries/Blazestone tile - lots of greens to choose from!

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Wow. I really like the one you show but don't know the name of. I saw a smaller version of that recently by Alys Edwards - Groovy Stixx (look at Cherry Cola)

As a second choice I like the slate tile that raehelen shows. It adds a bit of "earthiness" to the kitchen - but that might not be what you are going for.

Here is a link that might be useful: Alys Edwards Groovy Stixx

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We've have Peacock Green in our kitchen for 5 years and still like it, so we ordered another slab to use in the three bathrooms we are remodeling. We are doing a different backsplash in each room.

We used strips of slate and copper in the first bathroom. It works perfectly as an accent with the tile in our shower, but in the backsplash it doesn't pull out the blue-green of the granite as much as I had hoped. Its overall effect is OK, however, because of the way it works with our ceramic vessel, a vase and a nearby picture.

Yesterday I ordered the backsplash for the master bath, and I hope it will pull out more of the blue-green of the granite.
It is a glass mosaic from Stone and Pewter Accents. The style is "Tozen" and the color we chose is "Strontium". The glass has watery shades of blues and greens. We chose it to go with the Peacock Green countertop and also with the shower tile which has blue/green/gray tones. In a few weeks, I will know if it works.

I am still looking for the backsplash for the third bathroom but can't decide until I pick the tile for the tub surround. I have to make my decision by Tuesday so I canâÂÂt ponder much longer. I think I want to go with brighter colors in that hall/guest/kids bathroom. One reason we like our Peacock Green in kitchen is its versatility. It goes equally well with muted earthy tones as well as with our pieces of bright Mexican pottery.

We are 10 weeks into our 15 week remodel. So far it is going well and exactly according to schedule. I will post pictures once we complete the 2nd and 3rd bathrooms with their different backsplashes. In the meantime, I will be interested to see what you choose and what others suggest for your Peacock Green.

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Check out this thread, too:
Especially Autumn 4's slate backsplash: Florida Tile Pietra Art Stone - slate mosaic, african gold - 4x2 size.

It's gorgeous, and will either look really great with your slate floor, or be "slate overboard".

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Sarah Cronin

Thanks for the ideas!! I did decide on the tile in my post. I think I will be happy with it. It doesn't come out in the pictures but the subway tile matches what's in the mosaic and the mosaic has both blues, greens, and blue greens so that should go well with the granite.

I considered a slate backsplash, but just wanted a little more a more solid form.

Dibgar, I have an Italian pottery collection and just unpacked it today. It looks fantastic on the granite!

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Can't wait to see it. It is so hard to tell on the computer monitors, so have to trust your eyes on this one!

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