Seller just accepted my offer to buy

scottiegeeFebruary 26, 2012

I'm new here, well, kind of new. I posted years ago to the garden forums, so long ago I re-registered as I don't have any of the old information.

I'm so exited and yet nervous too. I have a list of things to do, financial documents the lender needs, inspector, etc.

I've read some of the threads about the things that can go wrong. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Been looking in the Austin area for months now. Inventory is low, and the good ones go fast - sometimes in a matter of hours - over asking price.

The bad ones just languish.

For once, I had the best offer on a good one. When I went to see it with my Realtor, there was a couple waiting for us to be done so they could look at it. And when we left, there was another couple waiting after that!

I'm going to have to break my lease. Oh well. Good rentals go fast, all my landlord has to do is put a sign in the yard and within hours she will have multiple callers wanting to rent.

Still, I am sure she will take what she is entitled to.

I wonder, does the fact that the walk in closet door knob does not work from the inside and locked me in there recently count? Probably not. Even if I did have to pound on the floor for 30 minutes to get her to come over and let me out.

She did tell me I am a good tenant. But still, I am sure she will keep whatever she can.

It's been a tough year. Got divorced last summer, been under a lot of job stress, have a disability that makes life just *that* much harder.

I'm looking forward to the future now. I'll keep you guys posted as to how it goes. Glad I found y'all. :-)

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Good for you, enjoy your new purchase!
I am a landlord, I've had tenants ask to break their lease, I let them break it if they allow me to show and rerent quickly. They work extra hard to keep it show ready.

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My, oh my. The stupid things I do. I am in the middle of changing my name, which I should have done months ago, after the divorce. Now, I have to go through the whole loan process again with my changed name. Two weeks until closing. I wonder if I'll make it or not.

When I last spoke to the lender, last week, all was good, I had signed all the paperwork with both names. Not good, but she didn't say anything, seemed to think it was fine and didn't tell me otherwise.

Called this morning to find out if the appraisal had come in (was appraised last Thursday) and before I even asked, my lender rep said "Oh, by the way...all of the paperwork has to be done over due to the name change"

I about had a cow. I mean, I can see it needing to be done, and it actually makes sense, but she had not made any effort to tell me this, or to tell me last week. What if I hadn't called? When were they going to spring this on me?

I spoke to my agent, who was not worried, and signed an addendum to the sales contract for the name change, and oh by the way the sellers are out of the country right now.

Keep your fingers crossed, guys.

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"which I should have done months ago, after the divorce."

Probbaly should have been part of the divorce decree.

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I wouldn't be too worried about the hiccup. They will have new application and forms created so it doesn't cause an issue in underwriting, deed/title insurance or the actual note.
Better now vs. later.

In your closing document anticipate a form which will have all of your legal names which you must signed indicating you are all the same person.

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They can regenerate the paperwork pretty quickly when they're motivated... Really only takes about 20 minutes.

At one closing they had the price wrong - about $5,000 too high. The builder was going to do some upgrades, but when I got the $5,000 cost estimate, I told them 'never mind' and they weren't done. But they charged me for them anyway -- which I quickly realized at closing, so of course, I would not continue until the paperwork was fixed. (About 20 minutes.)

At another closing, they generated the paperwork in the names of me and my 5 year old son rather than my husband. (Hubby has a name that's common with kids, but not adults; Sonny has the reverse -- guess the Realtor got mixed up.) Anyway - they wanted to continue and revise it later, but I refused. Made them redo the paperwork -- another 20 minute delay. Then we signed the papers, and wouldn't you know, they FILED the wrong ones anyway? Tried to charge us several hundred dollars to fix after the fact. (We refused since the error was theirs.)

Point is -- they'll get your paperwork right, and there's no excuse for delaying your closing for long.

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