If - big if- I use bm storm for my kitchen and hall wall which ??

owataqtMay 8, 2012

Which finish am I suppose to get? Flat, eggshell, satin? Matte? It's all confusing to me- is their a special paint by bm for kitchen walls? I don't even know..I think I will be having home depot possibly make the storm shade too

Please let me know

My kitchen today- we are doing the backsplash..can't wait to show you all soon the updated kitchen for under 750.00 when Iam finished

Hugs to you all

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BM does make a washable flat for bath & spa. Just tell the BM people what room it's for and they will tell you which is the best paint to use and they will show you the different sheens it comes in. You pick.

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I would get a satin which is what I used for the bathroom, it's perfect.

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if you use their Aura paint, the matte finish is really nice. Almost has a suede look to it. It goes on the wall like nobody's business too. I covered a terra-cotta color with Aura matte, it only took one coat. I was amazed.

Aura is more expensive, but in the long run it's a few bucks more, and to me it was worth it.

Ask them at the store and tell them what room, like caminnc suggested.

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I second the aura paint...our bedroom is BM sharkskin...love it! Have fun!

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I used BM Regal Select Matte in my kitchen & living room, and it has cleaned up beautifully; no sign of scrub marks. My mother used the BM Regal Select in Eggshell (which I would have used if my walls were in better shape, or if there was a breaking point between the kitchen and living room walls).

I'm not sure how much more expensive the Aura Bath & Spa Matte is compared to the RS matte, but it's designed to hold up to the humidity of a bathroom, which is probably overkill for your kitchen (but certainly wouldn't hurt, either).

If Regal Select and Aura are over-budget, check out BM's line called "ben". It's priced closer to the Behr paint/primer ($34-39), and my parents were happy with using it in their living room (eggshell, again).

Be careful with color matches. Home Depot uses fewer colorants than Benjamin Moore, which creates issues with color matches. It might be "close-enough" for you, depending on how particular you are about color, but it will never be an exact match.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lowe's mixing BM samples - I don't get it

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