How would you like your vanity top or island to be a night light?

oldryderMarch 23, 2013

There are a number of natural stones that allow significant transmission of light even in 3CM material.

This attribute has been used for many years in very high end applications. Recent developments have made it somewhat more affordable.

Historically the backlighting was provided by neon, flourescent, or even incandescent lighting. The heat from the lights and the need for service access created considerable design and cost issues.

Today there are low voltage DC light sources typically LED's with a service life of 25,000+ hours. No heat issues. On some a dimmer can also be used.

THis is an extraordinarily beautiful way to use natural stone. It's often used for vanity tops but also for island or bar tops. We have also done full height backsplash with backlighting.

This takes considerable coordination between the fabricator, cabinet builder, GC, and electricians but it is something special.

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Pictures, please!

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Sounds cool. I also would love to see it. I've seen a few cool modern homes posted here that I could picture a glowing island in, but in my middle class, super small, cape cod-style home -- notsomuch.

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I've seen it done with onyx and it looks really neat, especially in restaurants that are high end. Very lux. Would love to see photos of what you have in mind.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

Seen it in restaurants too. I wouldn't like it as a night light. Seems too commercial, but that's just me. And those restaurants shut the thing off after the closed sign goes up!

I do like little night lights tucked behind furniture that make a corner glow, so you can see after the main lights are shut off. Night lights provide safety.


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I saw the Toto sink that had the LEDs - way cool but decided I could either buy the sinks or a bathroom. - So we are going with a bathroom.
Hopefully the cost will come down in time.

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