LED Lights Urgent Help Please

mattwinAugust 14, 2012

Hi I am building an 18' x 34' pool and was wondering how many LED lights to install. 2 or 3? I don't want any dead/black spots. Is 3 overkill? Thanks.

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We have a 16x38
white fiberglass, and two led's fill our pool with light.

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Is this just a rectangular pool? Also, it depends on what LED lights you are using to determine the count.

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Hi it is a 18 x 34 rectangular pool. It is 8.5 deep and has 3 stairs along the full width of the pool. They are going to use Rainbow Rays Aqua LEDs. Do you think 3 LEDs would be over kill or will it light the pool evenly and nice. Thanks.

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I'm not familiar with those lights in particular.

I will however say that I have never heard of a client complaining about a pool being too bright, but have seen multiple people on this board wishing they would have done one more.

Id go with three....worst case scenario: you disable the middle one if it's too bright. I don't believe you can put a dimmer on LED lights, but you may ask your builder specifically.

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Looks like a newer brand. I haven't heard of them. I will be watching this thread on how they preform.

They don't claim to be as powerful as the major brands.

I don't see a niche listed in the parts or products listings.

It appears to be a sinker. The Winterizing section of the manual suggests letting it sit below the ice line or removing the bulb. This makes Jazz lights a PITA to work with so I would expect more of the same, just significantly less weight.

Are you in Canada? The manual shows a Canadian company.


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Yes I am located in Canada. I will be putting 3 LEDs in my pool. They start digging on Monday.
Are there any tips for me to know? Thanks.

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