where do others lay out quilts?

hbquilterApril 25, 2009

My husband and I are downsizing. I currently have one room for quilting then use the adjoining spare bedroom to lay out quilts as I'm piecing and quilting. Yes I know I'm spoiled. In the next house I will only have one room for all my quilting. Where do others lay out quilts while they are working on them?

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In the bedroom across from my sewing room and then downstairs on the dining room floor when it's too big for the bed. Then I run up and down, none of it is convenient. Even my ironing board is too big to put up in the sewing room, so it's across the hall in the other bedroom. Well, I suppose it's all good exercise:)

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Many quilters have a design wall of flannel, fleece, or batting that works great for hanging up blocks.

I don't have wall space in my room, so I will use any floor space I can find that's clean. lol Or sometimes I'll hang a sheet and pin my blocks to it...This works pretty well, because when I have to move the sheet I can just roll it up and everything stays in place.

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We have a big room downstairs in my MIL's apartment. The previous owner used it for a counseling office. DH had one side for his computer, the middle was a hide a bed and tv and the opposite side was my sewing area. Now the couch is covered with fabric, the floor in front of the TV is covered with fabric, half the book shelves are covered with fabric. DH has a corner for his computer. I move the ironing board to the side and use the middle of the floor to lay out my quilts. I gotta get things under control. That is my goal for the summer.


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I've shown this before, but maybe the newer members haven't seen it. DH made this for me to lay on the kitchen table for basting. I put flannel on the other side of it for a design board. It folds up to 24"X72" so can be stored behind a door.....if I ever want to. It's usually out and being used.


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Sharon, That is awesome! What a great idea. I use my bed in the other room, not great I know but for now it's going to have to work. I also lay all the pieces on the floor when I'm choosing which block goes where. But..that's not my favorite because I'm getting too old (and chubby) to be getting down and up. Okay, I guess you really didn't need to know that much information. LOL


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My DH made be a sewing table that is 4' x 8' with a melamine top...great for cutting out material as well as laying out a quilt...it just fits in my 10 x 11 sewing room ...gotta luv him...

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Beverly I understand completely LOL!!!!
I finally have my own sewing room, but it is small.
I have a 6 foot table that I cut on, holds my embroidery machine, and it holds the quilt when I MQ.
I have a sewing machine desk with 4 drawers and I leave the ironing board open.
I have the small closet full!
To baste I set up another 6 foot folding table in the den.
I keep my sewing room door closed at all times LOL!!!!! I try to keep the rest of the house uncluttered, but my sewing room needs help.
I think that regardless of how large my sewing room was I would find a way to fill it up.

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Susan, I was at that point when I asked DH to make this for me. He had pity on me as I would crawl grimacing and moaning and groaning to the sofa to help me get up off the floor.


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Bev, are you sure there isn't room for fabric on your husband's computer desk. Seems under utilized to me!

I scatter stuff everywhere that's available. I have two folding tables that are 6' long and have risers on their legs. They go up when I'm not expecting anyone else but us to be in our house. I keep an ironing board set up by them and a plastic table cloth with flannel backing hanging on a wall close by to stick blocks on as I work. That covers most of what I do besides the sewing machine on the big dining room table.

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I took a 4x8 foam insulation board from my husband and when I have a huge project I put up another one right beside it! I don't have a sewing room right now so they are in the family right by where I sew.

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I have recently started using a large pc. of fleece (1.5ydx54")which I clamp to a tall cloths dryer and my storage shelves. It is temp. and the fleece holds the pc. well. When I am arranging the blocks for a lg. quilt I lay them on my bed. I then pick them up in order and lable the rows, ready to be sewn together. Jayne

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I usually arrange blocks on my bed or the living room floor. When I pin my layers together I lay them on my bed which is only a queen and too small. I went to my friend Julies to use her king for a project we were doing together and that was nice because of the size and it sits up higher so not much bending.

I have a cat so avoid the floor if I can.


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when i have a quilt that's too big for my 2 tables i go to the public library near me you can use the conference room free of charge you just have to reserve it. i can put as amny tables together as you need ralfsmom

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I either lay my quilts out on my bed, or on my living room floor--either one, not a problem.
My big issue though, is when I want to spray bast a quilt larger than a wall hanging. I usually have to go to my mom's to use her garage (so we can have the door open for ventilation). We each have a banquet table there, so we put them both together, tape down the backing and spray baste away. Before we had the tables, I'd have to do it at my church, or at quilting group where they have the large tables. Does anyone else have a hard time finding a place to spray baste?

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