Pebble Sheen vs Mini Pebble

sr123August 1, 2012

My pool was recently completed. I was told I was getting Pebble Sheen but found out only after construction was complete that mini pebble was installed. Pool builder said he only uses the term Pebble Sheen as a generic term that people know and that the quality is the same. He says his warranty is the same as that offered by Pebble Sheen. This is true, obviously, only if he doesn't go out of business. I am looking at my options but, at a minimum, I feel he should reimburse me the price difference that he saved by using the mini pebble. My pool is around 55,000 gallons. How can I find out the price diffence? Thanks.

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God doesn't make pebble just for pebbletec. Same stone your just paying the franchise cost when you go with a pebbletec brand. Unless he specified the name brand pebble sheen in the contract you may be out of luck.

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He did specify Pebble Sheen in the contract. In fact, when I asked why the colors don't match I was told that they change the names all the time (not true according to Pebble Tec). The other thing you're paying for is the warranty. Pebble Tec is probably less likely to go out of business than a small local pool company. My point in asking the question is not to get legal advice but to try and get an idea of the price difference. In my opinion I am being nice to only make him pay the price difference when I am probably within my legal right to have him start over and put in the pebble sheen.

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If I sold you a Caddy and you got a Chevy, would you be happy? No. This is called a bait and switch and is illegal.

If you have it in writing, give him two choices:

A) Give what was written and paid for
B) Speak to the prosecutor.


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I agree with Poolguynj...this kind of deception should not be tolerated.

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" God doesn't make pebble just for pebbletec. Same stone your just paying the franchise cost when you go with a pebbletec brand. "

Really? its the same stone? I'd like to know how you know this.
In my opinion the quality is night and day difference....texture, consistency in color...both stone and plaster. I've used both and am 100% upfront (as are my sales guys) about which they are getting. If they want the savings for a knock off product, than so be it, but we explain the's way more than just the "franchise cost". wow.

To answer your question accurately, you'd need someone to be in your state, but where I am from, the typical cost difference for Pebble Sheen group one colors and a knock off "mini" pebble product group one colors is roughly $0.55/per sf (If I simply pick one of the several knock off pebble interiors). A 55k gallon pool could be roughly 1,750sf interior area...close to a $1,000 difference!

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Sorry Natural One. It is the same. I've used both to. I see no difference. Answer me this then. When I go down to NPT why do I see the Pebbletech franchise company buying the Stonescapes Pebble? I'm a firm believer It's the applicator not the pebble that makes the difference. That's why I dropped the Pebbletec installer in my area. Crap work. Top to bottom.

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^pools94, I can't tell you why exactly they are purchasing it. You should ask them. I can tell you if they are using it in Sheen mixes in lieu of real sheen than they are doing a disservice to their clients. My only logical guess is that they offer multiple brands to their builders and owner builders. They don't have to remain exclusive to the brand.

PebbleTec applicators where I am do all brands of interiors including knock off aggregate finishes because unfortunately the economy has driven them into a corner where in order to survive they've had to expand their services/products. Where hasn't this been evident? I used to strictly be high end new construction only- I'd turn away a couple leads per week if the budget didnt meet my minimum or if it was too far of a drive from my office.
Now days, I do dozens of remodels per year, have a three service/repair technicians, and compete on the low end of the local industry.

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That is fraud pure and simple.
First thing I would do is call Pebble Technology. They will certainly want to know who this builder is, and sue them as well.

As for the rest of the chatter:
Stones are not stones. Pebble technology created agg surfaces, and to this day is still the best. They own and import their rock from all over the world. They own many mines where the rock comes from. Anybody that tells you they all pick up the rock from the same place are full of it. They have their own processing plants.
They have more consistancy in their mixtures, and portioning, then generics.

I will certainly agree that it all comes down to the applicator. We (Natural one will agree) have one of the best here in town. Generally not just anyone can be a Pebble technology applicator.
We are also spoiled because the processing plant is in our backyard, so we pay less then the rest of the country.

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make them give you the sheen. people should be made to deliver what they promise!

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