chlorine, saltwater or UV above ground pool?

growingadviceAugust 5, 2014

Looking at 15x24 or 12x24 above ground pool in western MA. Biggest reason for the purchase are the kids. Torn as to which to get.

There seems to be some many opinions on each, Im not sure where to go.

Chlorine: not a big fan of the smell (although not a deal breaker), expense of chemicals

Saltwater: more expensive up front, less expensive to run, quick change in ph

UV: only the water that passes through the uv system is cleaned from what I understand. meaning, the above two always have chemicals to kill bacteria floating in the water, where the UV only kills the bacteria, etc in the UV.

what is more corrosive to: wood, plastic/vinyl, saltwater or chlorine pool?

would like to put it next to deck, which ends up being a couple of feet away from the house (vinyl sided)

Any other advice you folks have for a newbie to pools, I would appreciate it. (right now just have the cheope intex easy set)

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Chlorine only smells if you have a problem in your pool (algae bloom or whatever). My pool has only smelled like chlorine when I had it flood and had to kill a bunch of organic in it. We never smell like chlorine when we get out of it, etc. UV is a supplemental system, not a primary system from everything I can read on it, and for outdoor pools I can't find anyone (who doesn't sell them) that seems all that hip on them. Saltwater pools DO have chlorine in them, they generate their own. Common wisdom is that they can be harder on stone, but I don't know anything about wood and salt.

I would strongly suggest that you get a good test kit and read up on how to test your own chemicals. I only go to the pool store to buy parts. It will seem like it is expensive, but it will save you money in the long run.

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I had a saltwater pool for 11 years and just moved and completed our new pool. We went with chlorine and an Ozonator. Water doesn't pass through it, it just sends ozone gas to the water line to the pool. It was just hooked up this morning so we've yet to form an opinion compared to the salt system. We loved the salt but most of the local pool builders we interviewed really tried to persuade us against using salt.

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