OT: Happy Mother's Day to Everyone

tibbrixMay 11, 2014

Happy Mother's day to everyone who is a mother or has maternal instincts even towards others. I do not have children of my own, but I'm a dog sitter, and I love them like they're my babies. A client of mine emailed yesterday to wish me a happy Mother's Day. I've never been handed that sentiment, and I was surprised by how much it meant to hear it.
I also love children (well, 90% of the time!), and that MI rears its head if I feel one is at risk or is being harmed, or is being bullied, etc. My favorite smell in the world is fresh cut hay. My favorite sounds in the world are children playing, dogs lapping water out of eyesight, and rain falling.

So, to all women who are mothers or feel motherly toward anyone or anything, have a happy day!

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Happy Mother's Day to you and to all the mom's of human children and furry babies, all those women who have raised men who they married and to those who have tried and failed but remain in the game.

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Holly- Kay

Happy Mother's Day Tib and Patricia.

I tell my son in laws that they aren't my sons by birth but they are the sons of my heart! Happy Mother's Day to all my GW friends who are mothers by birth or by heart.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Happy Mother's Day one and all. Be we mothers or not, we can take a moment to appreciate all who have nurtured us in so many ways over our lifetime. Thanks to all of you who have given of yourselves to make us happier, healthier and more wholesome.

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What a beautiful post, Happy Mother's Day to all!

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Thank you and Happy Mother's Day to all of you as well.

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Just cats here .... but somehow they managed to buy me a very sweet card; my favorite dark chocolate/orange/almond bar from Aldis AND DH made pancakes for breakfast! :)

All of the Best Wishes, Hugs and Happy Homes to Mums (of all sorts, kinds and varieties) here at GW! :)

xxxx to All!

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What a lovely post! Here in NYC it a glorious day!
I hope everyone else has nice weather for the holiday.

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What a nice post to see today! Thanks and Happy Mothers Day to all. Whether a Mother or with a MI, may you feel special and loved today.

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