AQS Paducah Show

teresa_nc7April 30, 2012

Did anyone else go to Paducah this past week? Our round robin group drove to KY Thursday and came home Sunday - 6 quilters, 2 cars, over 1300 miles, and over 300 quilts!

The show was fabulous - so many talented quilters and lots of great vendors. We spent all day Friday at the show in the Expo, Convention Center, and Pavilion on the banks of the Ohio River. I enjoyed the river very much as we don't have big rivers in NC. "Next time" we plan to allot two days to the show.

The National Quilt Museum close by the show site is a treasure. Such wonderful volunteers to answer your questions and the exhibits change every 3 months. We spent a couple of hours in the museum Saturday afternoon.

Of course, we had to go to Hancock's of Paducah, the world's biggest quilt shop, and it just might live up to that title. Mind boggling bolt, after bolt, after bolt of lovely quilting fabrics.....but at high retail prices. And great sales help to get you what you need. The fabrics are arranged by brand/manufacturer so finding themed fabrics is a little harder.

For a small town, Paducah has a lot to offer: the flood wall murals are a must see, the Market Square area of downtown has quilt shops, galleries, restaurants, live music, and we had the teen prom procession of tuxes, formal gowns, and picture-taking-parents to watch from the benches near the live jazz band. "Next time" we want to have time to see more of the museums and historic sites.

You need to add the AQS Show in Paducah to your "bucket list!"


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Teresa, It sounds like you girls had a wonderful time. And, I'm thinking it really would take more than one day to see all the quilts and check out the vendors. Doubt that I'll ever get there, but I've heard everyone usually has a good time, there are lots of quilts to see along with 'thread counters' doing their own critiquing of each quilt. An experience by itself, I'm sure. @:)

Going into HOP must have been quite an experience. Unless I'm looking for something specific, I get confused with so many things to look at. One thing I've noticed that helps is if there is a room per specialty.

Glad you were able to go.....


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Definitely a place and show I want to go to. I do think an extra day squeezed into the trip to see more of whatever you enjoyed and wanted to go back to would be nice.

Maybe next year we can plan a get together of friends from GW to go to Paducah.

Teresa, You are very lucky to have the close quilty friends that you enjoy!

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Envy is a bad thing but I am guilty!! Having been there I apprecitate your experience. That is where I bought my Baby lock a couple of years ago, memories. Love the Quillt Museum, the murals, the river, and ofcourse Hancock of Paducah. We used to travel that way but "old age" is catching up. Miss it.
Picture of the show would be

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Someone from my Guild won 3rd place!
Small Wall Quilts: Longarm/Midarm Category for her quilt "Inspiration Garden"

Below is a You Tube link to the winning Quilts.

Awesome talent!

Here is a link that might be useful: AQS Show -Paducah 2012 Winners

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Teresa, I am glad you had a good time. I would love to go to the quilt show & museum. I can imagine that you would need at least 2 days - sounds like fun! I have been to HOP also, a bit overwhelming to be sure!

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Thanks, Marsha! I forgot my camera this trip. Funny, but I saw a quilter that looked a lot like you. I almost said "Marsha/magothyrivergirl???"


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I really want to go to the Paducah show... hopefully 2013?
If some from GardenWeb are going and want to do this, maybe we get send out some group e-mails and pass along information about hotels, etc.

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Paducah is definitely a possibility for me a Hoosier. I'd love to go and get to meet some of you ladies!

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It's beginning to sound like 2013 in Paducah is a possible meet-up site! Wouldn't that be fun?!? I had a great time with our mini-meet for Lancaster and would definitely put Paducah on the list for next year. They already have the dates published and I'm going to mark it on my calendar... just in case.

Paducah 2013: April 24 - 27.


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If anyone wants more info about the show, what to see and do, and staying/dining in Paducah, I'll be glad to pass along what I know. Just email me from "My Page" by my forum name.


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Oh that just sounds like a wonderful trip! Maybe when my son is grown and at college, maybe then DH and I can take an RVing vacation and go. :-) That would make for a really fun trip!

Best to you,

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