Hanstone quartz???

lizzieplaceMarch 26, 2014

Hello! We are new here. We are currently choosing our countertop for a new build. We were told that the standard options we have for quartz are Hanstone's Pewter and Venetian Avorio. I would like to ask if anyone has knowledge on Hanstone pricing. We are looking at possibly using Tranquility, Bianco Canvas, or Aurora Snow. Pewter, Avorio, Bianco Canvas and Aurora Snow are all in Hanstone's "Classics" line. Tranquility is new, not sure what line it is. I would like to ask for any information you might have, especially regarding difference in pricing. Basically I would like to figure out if there is a price difference in material, and if so, around how much. Thank you.

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My daughter is having a remnant of Hanstone installed in her bathroom next week. It is called Black Coral. From what I read on line Hanstone typically costs $70 - $100 per sq. foot installed. But I don't know which lines are what price.
You can see her selection in the pic below

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badgergal is pretty much spot-on. We recently had Hanstone installed in our kitchen (Walnut Luster), and before the shop ordered it, they said it would likely be $63 per square foot, installed. Turns out it was $81 per square foot (they said they didn't didn't know Hanstone went that high), but that particular one was in the "Designer" line, but for the "Classics," I'd say anywhere between $65-$75 is a good estimate.

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I would advise consumers to be wary of square foot pricing. It's kind of like buying a car by the pound.

I just priced a solid surface vanity for a potential customer. (Her husband set a box contaminated by toilet bowl cleaner on their new kitchen granite doing possible catastrophic damage.) With the bowls and cove backsplash the solid surface is over $100.00 per sf.

It is what it is. I have a level of quality and customer satisfaction and you'll pay for it or you won't.

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Badgergal, what's the very bottom sample? The marble-like one? Is that the Hanstone Tranquility?

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Marc Johnson

Just left the counter company ... we were all set on Eco Polar Cap and then saw the Hanstone Specchio White and fell in love.

From what I've read here, I was assuming Hanstone should be a little lower vs. Eco, but the slabs are being quoted $895 (120x55) for Eco and $1151 for the Hanstone. Does that jive with that other folks are seeing?

I will say that the Specchio White is the most unique color- we wanted something with "sparkle" but not too "chunky" or too "busy" ... while not looking "dirty" and also having some "cooler" tones to mesh with the grey kitchen. Not asking for too much, right?

Everything else out there is either too much bling, too busy, too taupe - the Specchio White just nailed everything we wanted. Unfortunately, I think we're in love and will end up paying for it :(

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" I think we're in love and will end up paying for it :("


I've been married 33 years. Welcome to the club. lol.

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nadianyc, just saw that you asked me about the asked about the bottom sample in my previous post. That is actually the floor and wall tile. It is Daltile's Floretine Carrara. It is a porcelain tile

Marcojohnson, sounds like you found the perfect countertop. Can't wait to see picture of your space.

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I thought highly of the Hanstone sample that I took, and others here seemed to also like it. The color (Specchio Whtie) came out looking slightly blue. A white shade by DuPont / Zodiaq is what we're going with instead.

Pricing was about $500 over Zodiaq/Silestone/Viatera.

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Marc Johnson

schicksal - I saw a slight blue-ish hint of the Hanstone ... it's in some of the flecks - but with the green accents and grey cabinet color next to it, it actually picks up those tones and looks more "cool" grey than blue.

Will definitely post the progress ... here's the thread I put the before (and planning) shot:


Now the fun begins!

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