A "Fresh Squeezed" Beach House for Mtnrdredux

kswl2May 9, 2013

Saw this on the Hooked on Houses site---- it's a very fresh looking beach house in white, with white backgrounds everywhere accented with turquoise and orange....remember your mention of Rand McNally maps? This house doesn't have any, it is sort of vintage modern, but you could do a riff on this color scheme with a softer, vintage edge....with maps and accessories. I don't care for the plexiglas chairs in the kitchen, that's an off note to me, but substitute wicker and you have something warmer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Beach House in Hooked on Houses

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Annie Deighnaugh

Cute house....

Glad you brought it up as I was wondering the status of Mtnrd's beach house....it's been awhile since we've had an update....there were driveway issues or easement issues or some such the last I recall....

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When I saw this house I immediately thought of her plan for white slipcovers everywhere. This house looks so inviting....I think it could be greyed down a bit to her comfort level and still look wonderful and fresh.

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Nice! I agree with you about the plexiglass chairs. Almost anything else warmer would have been better IMO.

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Thanks for thinking of me, KSWL. I love every bit of that house. I just want to pinch its cheeks!

Annie, The beachhouse right-of-way adverse-posession controversy will have to be litigated. A few years back, the impacted neighbor had engaged in a protracted legal fight with the owner of the beach house we are trying to buy, when the owner subdivided his property and negatively impacted that neighbor's views. Payback is a b!tch ...

Just last week the realtor contacted us and said they are wtihdrawing the house until this could be resolved. Legally, I am not sure if they can do that to us. I haven't investigated it further because I am not sure if/how I want to pursue it. Do I want to be locked in a legal battle for a year or two???

My realtor keeps sending us listings but so far nothing sends me. Too many 70s and 80s houses. I can't explain it, but to me they are irreparably bad. I don't like the proportions of that era, everything big and squat and hulking. They aren't teardowns but they can never be what I want.

We also are looking at a large 8 acre parcel (remember the sloped lot?), but we need to await a ruling on what can be built where on that parcel.

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I hope you find something soon, mtn, because that koi pond will be finished in a few months and you'll need something else :-)

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Koi pond is scheduled to be done Saturday.

But then, you are teasing me.

How did you decide what to do when you grow up?

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Be a serial career changer, like me.

Unlike a friend of mine who has kept the same career and married everyone she ever liked, I have the same old beloved DH and have done four sequential things for a living.

Who wants to live only one life, anyway?

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Lol, who says I have decided, or have grown up? I have found my opinions, likes, dislikes, beliefs and tastes change as I move through time. I started out adulthood with a large set of luggage filled with non-negotiables. As I got older and the journey more perilous and taxing, I learned to discard first the unnecessary stuff I was hauling around, then to repack the remaining suitcases into something more manageable. When I can no longer haul those few cases I will have to decide again what to take and what to leave.

Since I am a traveler, that's my metaphor for life and career. I used to value intelligence over everything, then I valued success. Now, I just want to be good. :-)

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