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marys1000February 1, 2010

Are there any details to this? There is one that was just posted 3 days ago, I saw it online tonight. I emailed a realtor he wondered about "how far along in the 30 days" the were not sure what he was talking about.

Its more than I want to pay because its more acreage and a bigger house I than I want but small house/small acreage is hard to find (because its so hard to sell small houses:(

The taxes are pretty high too considering its not in the best school district, a negative for resale (taxes and school district). Some acreages sit forever if something seems wrong but others are snapped up amazingly fast - which means a decision is really really scary because what if its one that should sit but I miss something?

Way ahead of myself here, not sure I'll even like it - but any experience specific to estate sales I would appreciate hearing.

Loc: Southern Ohio

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Taxes are high, it's in the wrong school district and the house is too big. You want to buy it ... because? Why is it hard to sell smaller homes - they usually go first.

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Estate sales can be set up anyway the executor wants to set it up. In our area, sometimes sealed bids are accepted by the attorney with minimums bids. Sometimes they are given over for public auction. Sometimes they move through a realtor if the executor doesn't want to mess with it.

If you can find out the attorney who is handling the estate (it should be public record when an estate is filed) you might be better off going right to the horses' mouth and let the attorney or owner know you are interested. A lot will depend on how quickly and easily the executor wants it moved. They can be good buys if the family wants to settle an estate in a prompt manner.

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Well all for moot. The listing agent had a basementon the listing but it was a slab. He had the heat elements wrong too.
Property was nice enough.

I was being tongue in cheek about smaller places - yes they are snapped up fast. But try to build a smaller place "it will never sell" Buying a smaller place? "you wont be able to sell it"

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