Tapmaster on Main or (and?) Prep sink?

akcorcoranMarch 26, 2013

I am still considering the Tapmaster b/c everyone raves about it so much!

Do you have your Tapmaster on your main clean up sink or your Prep sink - or both? And why?

And, I think most of you like the European model?

It looks like something relatively easy to do with great gains for usability so I just thought I'd ask which and why?


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Just curious what the European model is? I have only heard of the delta one.

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Sorry - I meant Euro style. There are two different ways you can turn on the water - one is a pedal and one is a lever you push with your foot?

The Euro one has a lever you push to one side (and I believe you can lock?)

The smallest issue for me is that "all or nothing" issue with the Tapmaster. I wish you could still use the faucet. I think my family would adapt, but all four (hubby, me and two kiddos 10 and under) of us use the kitchen sink(s) not to mention my in-laws who live in the neighborhood. Plus we entertain and have friends for dinner parties who often pitch in to help with dishes at the end of the night.

If NO ONE can manually turn on the water, I think it might become an issue.

I read an old thread where someone had a foot petal that could activate the water but could also turn on the tap with the faucet handle. That would be ideal but it was custom plumbing so I'm not sure I could figure it out...?

Here is a link that might be useful: Tapmaster Euro

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If strangers are visiting you just lock the Euro on the open position and the taps work as normal.

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To operate a Euro model, turn your faucet handle to desired temperature and pressure. Leave it there. Push the foot lever to either side or to the front to make the water come out of the faucet. If you want to leave a big pot under the faucet to fill while you stir something behind you on the range, push the foot lever to the "locked" position with your foot. "Locked" is the farthermost position left or right. You'll feel the foot lever stick on whichever side you use. Water will continue to run if you walk away. Push the foot lever back to the center position to turn the faucet off. Walk away. Rinse. Repeat.

To adjust the water temperature or pressure, turn the faucet handle to new temperature or pressure setting with the foot lever engaged or not engaged.

To turn the Tapmaster off for "normal" faucet operation, move your faucet handle to the off position. Push the foot lever to the "locked" position. Faucet will now operate normally with only the handle controlling the water. You'd never know the Tapmaster was installed on the sink in this situation.

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