New Build - Cypress, TX

chcooperAugust 12, 2014

After waiting over 6 years for the "right time" to build, we're finally taking the plunge!

- 16x32'ish geometric
- 7' spa (raised 12") with spillway
- 2nd step extended as a bench under the spa spillway
- small tanning ledge (see this more as a bench/jumping spot for the kids!)
- raised beam at back wall - 6" transitioning to 12"
- sheer descent at raised beam
- 2 spray heads at deep end
- ivory travertine coping (tumbled)
- caffe macchiato travertine (honed & filled) waterline tile
- glass mosaic (NPT Jules - Mocha Blend) for the raised beam
- textured acrylic decking (kooldeck)

Dig was completed on 8/11 . . . can't wait for the next step!

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Photo of the completed dig . . .

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chcooper- Yay for you! We are in Cypress too, for another few days until we move to our new house. Looks like it is going to be gorgeous:-) The pool crew left your yard very neat and tidy.

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Thanks musicgal! The dig crew was fantastic - they worked their tails off and I think they did a great job.

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We were pleasantly surprised to have the steel crew show up this afternoon - 1 step closer to swimming!

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Cost? Is that rude? I'm signed on tonight trying to get an idea if we can have a nice pool for 50K. Thanks!

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