220V timer failure. Validate correct wiring

gogators93August 27, 2011

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I found my pool not working this afternoon when I opened the timer panel to see if it was on, I found it turned on and the white wire in the photo burned. I had the company that installed my pool come out a couple of weeks ago and replace a dechlorinator system that had gone bad. My concern here is to verify that they wired it correctly before I take care of it. I'm thinking it's just coincidence but can someone please confirm this is wired correctly?

I have some experience with wiring, but not too much with 220V so I may not be calling each wire correctly. I think it's wired right and this is how I'm tracing it. I'm guessing if it was wrong, it would have failed instantly and not a few weeks later.

Both the heatpump and the chlorinator turn on and off with the timer.

From the power panel, there are three wires coming in. One is power to the left post on the left block and one is power to the left post on the right block. The green is ground.

It looks like the the two white are power from each left block post to the timer of which one is burned.

Each right post on each block is powered when the timer is on and both the heat pump and chlorinator are wired to each right post on each block and the grounds are all tied together.

Am I correct in how I interpret this and is it wired correctly?

Anyone ever see anything like this? I'm guessing if it burned in front of the timer, the equipment is probably ok. If it's not related to the installation of the chlorinator, is most likely just a bad timer and I just need to get a new timer box?


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I made a mistake in the description. It is going to the pool pump, not the heat pump. The heat pump turns of when it loses flow. Sorry for the mistake.

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In any event, the clock circuit looks cooked. The burnt wire goes to the clock.


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Thanks Scott. I picked up a new timer today and will replace it tomorrow. I'm pretty sure it's the timer that just went belly up.

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Installed new timer today and all is working great again. Thanks!

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