Generic T-Cell 15?

twong1200August 8, 2011


I am in need of replacing my Aqua Rite T-Cell 15 chlorinator and have been shopping around. Upon my search, I've run across a generic cell said to plug/mount right in place of my current failing T-Cell 15. The brand is Compu Pool and they run a little cheaper.

I was wondering if anyone here has one of these and if so, how long have you had it for and how is it's performance? Would you recommend it to save a few bucks?



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Use the real deal. The generics don't last as long. They are not made to all the same specs as a real Hayward cell. You won't save anything in the long run, in fact, it is likely to cost you.


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Thanks, Scott. I ended up just getting a Hayward Cell.

My Aqualink is still showing 'check cell' though so not sure why. Not sure if my flow switch is bad (or something else). Any thoughts? Salt is at 3100ppm right now and the control panel is showing that generation is occuring.

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After 500hours the check cell light comes on...Just hold down the diagnostic button for a few sec and it should reset.

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