Anyone have pics of Bella Blue or any other color PebbleFina?

megankheapsAugust 28, 2010


I know that PebbleFina is a relatively new product and my PB has yet to do a pool with it so he didn't have any photos to share with me. He does do PebbleSheen and PebbleTec and has years of experience with those but since this is so new and business has been slow nobody has chosen it. I really like the Bella Blue b/c it looks the most like pure blue, but I don't trust the 1/2" triangle in the brochure. I have nightmares that I am going to put this on my pool and the water will look green. Our pool will have FULL sun all day if that makes a difference (unlike some lucky posters who have tress and existing landscape our home is in a field so we have to make something from nothing). If anyone has pics of PebbleFina that they would be willing to share with me I would be most appreciative. PebbleTec and PebbleSheen is just not in the budget.


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Our pool has not yet begun but we chose Bella Blue Pebble Fina. We looked at two pools that have it and compared to our pool at our other house, it is a luminous blue like the sky. That pool in our rental has white plaster. There is no green tint whatsoever.

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just do a search of this site or switch over to the gallery section. I remember seeing a few fina pics here.

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Bella blue was the recommended substitute for Blu/Green 3M Quartz we have. Friens of our went with it, nothing close to green. All blue! Go for it!!

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No actual pebblefina pools to see in my area and have to make decisions based on blogsites like this and the web. I don't want a dark pool but have bluestone as coping. I have an 8' x 18' sun bench to consider as well. Grigio, bella blue or cielo blue? Have to decide asap. Thanks!

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Pebble Fina will mottle, so buyer beware. It can be a gorgeous look but just know before you commit. In most cases, your builder or plaster company will be making you sign a colored plaster release expelling this expectation.

Best of luck!

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*explaining, not expelling.

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natural one, did you use this as a finish? I am just getting ready to sign a contract and our choice was the Pebble Fina. I'm curious as to where I can find more info on this before I make the commitment.

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